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Rice Protein

As you know, protein is highly important in the diet of someone who is training and looking to maximally recover. Due to the restorative nature of protein, it is critically important we consume enough to help aid in muscle recovery and growth.

However, if you are vegan or vegetarian, getting protein can prove to be difficult, however this doesnt mean you still cant reach your protein target. Through correct supplementation it is now easier to cater to your needs through the supplementation of Rice protein.

Nutrition Warehouse stocks various brands that specialise in Rice Proteins that are an excellent low-allergy protein source for vegans and vegetarians. The other great benefit of rice protein is it can be used in cooking as it has a high affinity with heat, as well as being wheat, dairy and soy free.

Another great benefit of Rice Protein Isolate is it is easily digested and can be used easily to fortify your diet when preparing meals to boost the protein content of other foods.

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