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Customer service

Click one of the boxes below to get help. If you haven’t found an answer to your question, please call our award-winning Customer Service
team on 1 300 837 785. We’ll be able to take your call from Monday – Friday 9.00am-5.00pm AEST. Please note that our service team is
unavailable on Queensland Public Holidays.
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Click here to find an answer to our most popular questions! This section covers most questions asked.
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Click here if you would like to login to your account or if you want to sign up for a new account. It's 100% FREE!
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My Active Rewards
Earn points every time you shop with us. Redeem your earned points online or in any of our stores.
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Everything you need to know about our shipping costs, the time it takes for your order to arrive and more!
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We want you to shop in confidence, that's why we have an amazing returns policy! Don’t believe us? Click here!
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If you have any questions regarding shopping with us, click here for help using our site and applying coupons.
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Everyone wants their orders ASAP, our packages usually arrive the next business day! Track your order here.
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Best Price Guarantee
At Nutrition Warehouse we don't just say warehouse prices, we deliver them! Exclusive to rewards memebers.
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About us
Read up about Nutrition Warehouse, what we do and who is behind the company that is taking over Australia.
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Terms & Conditions
All the boring legal stuff you probably should know but can't be bother reading. Our lawyers made us do it.
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Privacy Policy
We take your privacy and security very seriously, click here to read about our policies regarding your privacy and info.
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Contact Us
Got questions, feedback, complaints or want to say g'day? Our award winning customer service team loves to help!
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