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Oxyshred (Ultra Energy RTD) by EHP Labs
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Nitric Oxide Boosters

Nitrous Oxide Boosting supplements are designed to enhance the natural production and release of Nitrous Oxide into the blood stream to enhance overall blood flow. By increasing blood flow we can deliver more nutrients to the working muscles while simultaneously removing more waste, resulting in an increase in performance as well as a decrease in recovery time.

Ever wondered why a product that is designed to increase blood flow is called an NO2 booster? When the body is put under stress during exercise and requires blood flow to the working muscle, the body takes stored pre-cursors (things that enhance the result we are after) and utilises them to enhance the production of NO2, which is responsible for the relaxation of tissue. These tissues include the small capillaries in muscle tissue, as well as major arteries, which is known as vasodilation, or the relaxation of a blood vessel.

So if we can increase the pre-cursors of NO2, we can improve the ability of the body to maximise tissue relaxation and therefore circulation. While this may seem extreme to some, improving circulation is not just for the benefit of getting a ‘pump’ but can also help anyone with circulation issues.

An increase in circulation can help with the transportation of nutrients as well as the removal of toxic waste that accumulates with exercise and increases fatigue. Similarly, in a sport where the use of consistent muscle contraction can cause fatigue such as jet skiing or motorcycle sports where arm pump is a major issue, using the right supplements can help improve the entry as well as the exit of excessive blood flow.

NO2 supplements are also not limited to sports performance, as patients suffering from blood flow issues to the extremities such as their fingers and toes, may also benefit with increased total blood flow support to maintain tissue health.

So whether you are looking for a supplement to enhance blood flow for the pump, are looking to improve muscle recovery and growth, want to remove toxic waste more efficiently to prevent fatigue or are looking for something to support healthy circulation, utilising an NO2 precursor is a great addition improving blood flow and performance.

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