Elevate Your Fitness Journey with the New Maxine's BURN Protein Range

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Elevate Your Fitness Journey with the New Maxine's BURN Protein Range

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We are thrilled to unveil the latest evolution of Maxine's BURN range, set to hit the shelves of your local Nutrition Warehouse this April. The Maxine's range has undergone a vibrant makeover, featuring eco-friendly packaging, enhanced formulations, and irresistible new flavours, all while maintaining the qualities that have made Maxine's a beloved choice among female trainers and athletes for years.

Enhanced Formulas with Gut Health Support Complex:

We've upgraded all protein formulas with our exclusive Gut Health Support Complex, comprising of DigeZyme® digestive enzymes, LactoSpore® probiotics, and Fibresol® soluble fibre. This powerhouse blend ensures optimal digestion and nutrient absorption for maximum results.

Improved Sleep Protein:

Burn Sleep Protein

Experience the ultimate in recovery with our new Sleep Protein. Infused with an enhanced Deep Sleep Support Complex, it not only supports muscle repair but also helps promote restful sleep, ensuring you wake up feeling refreshed and revitalised.

  • Powerful blend with natural sleep aids
  • Promote deep and restful sleep
  • Support muscle repair & growth while resting]
  • Slow-release casein protein

Whey + Collagen Protein Blend:

Introducing our groundbreaking Whey + Collagen Protein blend, featuring type 1, 2 & 3 collagen for superior benefits. This 5 in 1 functional protein covers all bases, from muscle recovery to skin elasticity and joint health, this formula offers comprehensive support for your fitness and wellness goals.

  • 5 in 1 functional blend
  • Support muscle building & toning
  • Enhance metabolism for fat burning
  • Support hair, nails, skin, joint and bone health

Exciting New Flavors:

Indulge your taste buds with our delicious new flavour offerings, designed to satisfy every craving and palate. Along with our tried and tested favourites we are adding some exciting new flavours plus enhancing some of the existing flavours to give you the ultimate taste experience!

Support Local, Trust Maxine's:

As an Australian-made and Australian-owned brand, Maxine's is not only a leader in female sports nutrition but also one of the country's most trusted brands. We understand the unique needs of women in fitness and are dedicated to providing them with the highest quality products. When you choose Maxine's, you're not just investing in premium sports nutrition – you're supporting local Australian businesses.

Leaders in Female Sports Nutrition:

Maxine's has long been recognized as a pioneer in female sports nutrition, setting the standard for quality and innovation. Women across Australia trust Maxine's to provide them with the fuel they need to achieve their fitness goals. Our commitment to empowering women through health and fitness has earned us a reputation as one of the nation's most trusted brands. Join the countless women who have made Maxine's their go-to choice for premium sports nutrition and experience the difference for yourself.

Whether you're a loyal Maxine's enthusiast or new to the brand, there has never been a better time to elevate your fitness journey. Try the new Maxine's BURN protein range today and discover the difference for yourself. Unlock your full potential with Maxine's and take your fitness goals to new heights.


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