Top 5 Energy Gels for Race Day

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Top 5 Energy Gels for Race Day

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A solid race-day performance is more than just training. Having the right nutritional plan and supplements can make or break your performance on the day. It can become complex depending on the type, duration, intensity, and season you choose for your event. We have handpicked our top 5 energy gels to help you select the right gel for race day.

Top 5 Energy Gels For Race Day

Applied Nutrition Isotonic Energy Gel (Velocity Fuel Energy)

This energy gel has everything you need to support energy levels, performance and endurance.  Applied Nutrition Isotonic Energy Gel (Velocity Fuel Energy) contains 23g of fast-absorbing carbohydrates and zero sugar. They come in delicious flavours and are of great consistency.

  • 5 calories
  • 23g of carbohydrates
  • Zero sugar, fats and protein
  • Informed-Sport Batch Tested for Athletes

SIS Science in Sport Beta Fuel Gel + Nootropics

This energy gel delivers fast-acting carbohydrates plus Cognizin, giving you a mental and physical boost. SIS Science in Sport Beta Fuel Gel + Nootropics has 40g of carbohydrates with a 1:0:8 ratio, which helps reduce stomach fullness and nausea symptoms.

  • 1:0.8 ratio of 40g carbohydrates
  • Added nootropic blend including 250mg Cognizin®, 200mg caffeine, 1g Taurine and 200mg Theanine
  • Nootropics offer endurance athletes a complete energy source for both body and mind

SIS Science In Sport Beta Fuel Gel

Enhance your power output, increase your body's carbohydrate usage efficiency, and limit gastrointestinal discomfort with the Beta Fuel Gel by Science in Sport. Delivering the scientific fuel of a 1:0:8 ratio of maltodextrin to fructose, this energy gel is convenient and has minimal risk of gastrointestinal discomfort.

  • No caffeine
  • A 1:0.8 ratio of maltodextrin to fructose reduces self-reported symptoms of stomach fullness when compared with a ratio of 2:1
  • 40g of fast-absorbing carbohydrates to enhance your power output

Endura Sports Energy Gels

Trusted by athletes for 20 years, Endura Sports Energy Gels deliver immediate carbs and slow-release carbs for long-term benefit. This energy gel has 26g of carbohydrates containing two specialised forms of cabs. Endura Sports Energy Gels are best when taken with water to avoid gastric upsets.

  • Contains 26 grams of carbs to restore your glycogen levels
  • Multi-speed carb blend for sustained levels of energy
  • Sweetened with branched-chain “glucose polymers” help with rapid absorption

Pure Sports Nutrition Fluid Energy Gel

The Pure Sports Nutrition Fluid Energy Gel delivers 24g of fast-acting carbohydrates and is designed with the highest quality natural ingredients and delicious consistency. This gel has nothing artificial and is gut-friendly.

  • 24g of carbohydrates
  • Real fruit juices, concentrates and fruit purees
  • Premium New Zealand honey, ground kola nut and natural cinnamon

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