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Whey Whip

WheyWhip is Australia’s favourite high protein ice cream and guilt-free treat company. We believe the days of sacrificing poor taste and texture for a protein rich treat are longgg gone! We’ve spent countless hours perfecting the most delicious range of protein ice cream and protein balls in all the land. Not to brag but...we nailed it!

Each and every WheyWhip product is packed full of our secret weapon... Whey protein, a fantastic source of natural protein that is perfect for assisting with weight loss and keeping in shape. Our highly sought after creamy protein ice cream is the must have dessert for all ice cream lovers wanting to enjoy their favourite treat, without the guilt or the cals!

The jewels to our family though are our world famous balls! Nothing suss or anything but our mouthwatering PROTEIN balls have been known to give people a full blown mouthgasm

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