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Product Description


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Supplement Award Winner 2016

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Unleash the FREAK within, smash through plateaus and eliminate fatigue with Anabolix Freak3D!

  • Muscle gorging PUMPS!
  • Laser-like FOCUS!
  • Skin tingling ENERGY!

Anabolix Freak3D has been designed for the elite level athlete or no holds bar recreational trainer looking to take their training to the next level. With no proprietary blends, no fillers and over 90% active ingredients per scoop, Freak3D is the best training partner you will ever have.

Utilising only the highest of quality ingredients, Freak3D is a scoop packed full of performance enhancing amino acids, key ingredients for stamina and a synergistic blend of stimulants to enhance mood, while providing laser-like focus to minimise the chance of distraction.

  • Lift more weight!
  • Increase strength endurance!
  • Deliver more nutrients!

This pre-workout is not for the faint-hearted. Unleash the FREAK and become the king of the gym.

Anabolix Freak3d Product Information



Beta Alanine is the rate limiting amino acid responsible for increasing intramuscular Carnosine, which is a naturally occurring di-peptide (2 amino acids bound together) that plays an important role in athletic performance. Carnosine is stored in muscle fibre, and its primary function is to delay the muscle from reaching physical failure by buffering hydrogen ions accumulated from lactic acid. In doing so, Beta Alanine increases the level of intensity your muscles can work at by increasing its efficiency of performance damaging toxic waste (hydrogen).

Di-creatine malate

Di-Creatine Malate is creatine attached to malic acid, which enhances both the absorption of the creatine through the gastrointestinal tract as well as increasing energy production within the Krebs Cycle. Intramuscular creatine is responsible for the rapid reproduction of energy known as Adenosine Tri-Phosphate (ATP), which is bodies primary energy source for high-intensity exercise, but more specifically exercise at maximum output for under 10 seconds in duration.

The introduction of malic acid works as a catalyst to enhance the use of pyruvic acid, which provides further energy to the Krebs cycle, as well as potentially reducing the accumulation of lactic acid.

Citrulline malate

Citrulline malate, like Di-creatine malate, combines malic acid with L-Citrulline to enhance the absorption and utilisation within the body. L-Citrulline itself is a precursor of Arginine, which has commonly been used to enhance blood flow, however unlike Arginine, Citrulline Malate is not broken down or absorbed in the stomach.
In doing so, using Citrulline Malate may allow for a greater reservoir of Arginine to be created and thus a higher systemic effect on blood flow, than using Arginine itself.


Taurine is an organic compound with diverse distribution throughout the body, playing a vital role in the development and function of skeletal muscle as well as a multitude of many other key health functions.

Taurine is also utilised for cardiovascular function, supports the Central Nervous System has been shown to reduce oxidative stress caused by exercise.


Glucuronolactone is a naturally occurring chemical found as a structural component of connective tissue and has been found to alleviate oxidative stress. Found in well-known energy formulas worldwide, Glucuronolactone has also been found to work synergistically alongside stimulants such as caffeine.

Creatinol O-Phosphate (COP)

COP is a synthetic analogue of Creatine that has been shown to have cardioprotective properties and may also improve intracellular hydrogen buffering to minimise muscular fatigue.

Caffeine Anhydrous

Caffeine Anhydrous is a dehydrated version of caffeine, whereby only the active constituents of caffeine remain following the boiling of products with naturally occurring caffeine.

This provides a controlled dosage of caffeine, of which is considered a nootropic ingredient due to its excitation of the neurons of the brain.

Resulting in an increase in mood, an increase in reactive speed due to enhanced cognitive function and a reduction in perceived pain during exercise.


AAKG is Arginine attached to a malic acid, which ensures more efficient absorption and utilisation by minimising the breakdown of Arginine in the stomach.

Arginine is a conditionally essential amino acid directly responsible for the production of Nitric Oxide, which controls the vasodilation of blood vessels, resulting in increased blood flow.

Agmatine Sulphate

Agmatine is derived from L-Arginine and has been shown to support the control mechanism of circulating nitric oxide, as well as acting as a neurotransmitter and improving cognitive function.


Theobromine is naturally found in Cocoa Extract alongside Caffeine and is a part of the family known as Xanthines, which are categorised in a family of adrenergic stimulants.


Naringin is a naturally extracted flavonoid found in citrus fruits and works synergistically with caffeine to enhance its effects on performance.

Final Notes

Freak3d is a high dose, nutrient loaded intensity inducing pre-workout designed to improve physical performance, mental clarity and enhance your results.

To maximise the benefits of Freak3D, add a scoop of Anabolix Pump3D to enhance blood flow, maximise nutrient delivery and to ensure your body has the vital nutrients it needs when training.



Consume 1 Serve (1 Scoop) mixed with 250ml of water 30 minutes prior to exercise. Due to the extreme potency users may wish to begin by consuming 1/2 a serve to assess tolerance. For enhanced results, consume with one serve of Anabolix PUMP3D.



Freak3d By Anabolix Nutrition

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Anabolix Nutrition
Insane!!Review by Peanut
First time trying this. I had a scoop and a half before training legs... Big mistake! Was more focused on trying not to die rather than my sets. Before this I only ever took bpm labs the one 2.0.. Just found a new favourite. Will be sticking to half scoops from now on though. (Posted on 12/06/2017)
Superman JuiceReview by Karlell
1 scoop & I smashed it in the gym 2 hrs straight!! Energy & focus was unbelievable. B4 this I had only ever taken C4 & Jack3d. Stuff turns you into Superman for sure! (Posted on 12/06/2017)
BestReview by Jas
Best pre workout I've used even hit a couple of pbs since taking my first container. Now onto number two. (Posted on 12/06/2017)
Decent StuffReview by Warjaw
Not the strongest pump I've had, but it's up there. It does the job. Blue raspberry flavour is the best choice, Nice tasting. I'd buy it again. (Posted on 12/06/2017)
AwesomeReview by Skinnyb
Just starting taking this. This stuff is awesome I can train harder and lift heavier - first time user of pwo and starting to results almost immediately during training. (Posted on 12/06/2017)
IntenseReview by Nathan
Guy at the shop said start with half scoops. Thought "bugger that!"
Had a single serving, hit new goals. Went home, then went for a huge run to burn the rest off. Gonna listen to the people in the shops now - half serves it is. (Posted on 12/06/2017)
BEST PWO I'VE HADReview by Kingjase
The best PWO I've ever had and trust me I've tried a few. The pump is insane, it doesn't give you that rush that some do but you'll be smashing weights for an hour and the next set will feel like you just walked in the gym. Love it. (Posted on 11/06/2017)
Mean BuzzReview by Joey
This PWO is on another level. (Posted on 11/06/2017)
Fave PreReview by Quadvonzilla
PRO: Tasted all the flavours, that's 4-5 containers and all from Nutrition Warehouse. I Powerlift and these had stays with me assisting my lift 2 hrs straight and more. No jitter, no crashing after very smooth. Great tasting - fave would be Pineapple.
CON: Out of all the tubs I ended up with two that smell strongly like plastic. I don't know if that was bad batch or something but I finished it anyway. (Posted on 11/06/2017)
Best stuff on the MarketReview by cjsing97
Tried a lot of these, this is by far the best and gives the best energy lift of all !!! (Posted on 11/06/2017)
Great ProductReview by Cl1976
Great product.
Tastes great and no really hard crash. Was shaken for the first few times using this but now have a tolerance to it. Almost as good as the original Jack3d. (Posted on 11/06/2017)
GreatReview by Deb
I have been through a few tubs - it's great stuff. The best I have had so far. (Posted on 11/06/2017)
Beast ModeReview by Caddz
If you want to turn super saiyen during your workout then this is for you! (Posted on 11/06/2017)
IntenseReview by Andrew
Everything it promises, I can definitely feel the energy boost, great pump, just don't take it after 3pm! You will not sleep that night. Otherwise good product. (Posted on 11/06/2017)

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