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Soy Protein

Soy protein isolates have evolved to offer the advantages of one of the world's healthiest foods in its concentrated form.

They are high in protein and have a neutral flavour, are dairy free, lactose free and vegan friendly. On top of this, Soy proteins also have the closest amino acid profile to a traditional whey protein, which will aid in greater recovery.

Soy protein has also been shown to reduce blood levels of cholesterol, have beneficial effects on other heart disease risk factors, promote women’s health and may aid in supporting menopause.

Nutrition Warehouse now stock a range of Soy Protein choices that are specially formulated to provide a high protein, low carb, low fat supplement. These supplements contain all of the essential amino acids, with a great BCAA profile and yield up to 90% protein, making them one of the purest protein supplements you can get and great for recovery.

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