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Gain Muscle

Whether you're someone who struggles to gain muscle and consider yourself a hard gainer that needs of a tonne of calories or if you're someone simply looking to gain some lean muscle tissue with as little fat gain as possible, a protein supplement is a key nutrient for muscle growth and repair.

By utilising products designed to help with muscle gain, a protein shake or a protein and carbohydrate blended shake, will give your body the necessary nutrients for muscle growth in the right ratios that suit your personal goals.

There is one thing we all know for certain, and that is if you want to gain muscle you have to eat food! And not just any food, you need the right quality of food and the right amount of calories as well.

Calories are simply a measurement of energy that we consume from the food we eat and also the energy we burn during exercise and throughout our daily activities. In order for you to gain muscle, the simple reality is, that you need to consume more calories than you burn so you are able to grow new tissue. As the first and most dominant rule of energy balance, the number of calories you eat versus the amount you burn is the first determinant of if you will gain or maintain weight.

But you can't just eat any calories either! Having the right dietary balance between protein, carbohydrates and fats, which are what make up your calories, is what will determine how well you recover, how efficient you build new tissue and also the likelihood of whether you will gain body fat. Without the right balance and the right amount of calories, the body's ability to utilise the food we eat to gain good quality muscle gets less efficient at growing muscle tissue and more efficient at storing fat.

Take the guesswork out of your diet and introduce a muscle gaining protein shake to ensure your body has the right amount of nutrients to maximise muscle growth.

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