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Oxyshred (Ultra Energy RTD - Promo Can) by EHP Labs
Oxyshred (Ultra Energy RTD - Promo Can) by EHP Labs
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Beef Protein

Not digesting dairy or whey well? Or just want to try a new protein source? Beef protein isolate is a protein source derived from the manufacturing of beef product to provide a protein source that is high in protein, is extremely bioavailable, is very low in fat and is carbohydrate free prior to adding flavour. Utilising a beef protein can help improve recovery, has little to no gastric stress and is a great way to get in a low-fat, high protein source.

The protein in beef has long been recognised as one of the highest quality protein sources we can utilise to ensure the right amino acids are being consumed in our daily diet. Amino acids in protein are the building blocks of connective tissue, including skeletal muscle, hair, skin, nails and even bone. Of which, an animal based product is the only singular complete source of all the essential amino acids required for optimal human function.

Utilising a beef protein that has been hydrolysed to ensure maximum protein is retained, without the extra fats, can help increase dietary protein intake in the leanest possible manner. During hydrolysis, beef protein is stripped of the unwanted fats, cholesterol is either reduced to trace amounts or completely eradicated and the amino acid profile increases in purity due to the reduction of other macronutrients.

The other great thing about Beef Protein Isolate is that it's dairy free. No bloat from dairy, no issues with lactose intolerance or complaints of gastrointestinal fermentation. Beef protein isolate is a hydrolysed protein source, meaning it is essentially pre-digested with a more efficient breakdown and assimilation due to the protein bonds being smaller than a standard full length chained protein source.

Beef protein is traditionally high in naturally occurring Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA’s), has a good spectrum of Essential Amino Acids (EAA’s) and will help ensure protein synthesis is achieved with minimal gastrointestinal side effects, resulting in an optimal environment for muscle repair and growth.

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