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Product Description


Isatori H Blocker - New Muscle Growth. It's what you train for, right?

Unfortunately, during intense exercise, the release of hydrogen ions are accelerated, followed by a decrease in pH levels—a process called "muscular acidosis"—which is directly associated with muscle fatigue, weakness, and ultimately physical exhaustion.

New research indicates the patent-pending nutrient matrix, found only in H+Blocker, rapidly aids in the synthesis of carnosine, which soaks up muscle-fatiguing hydrogen ions like a sponge and stabilizes pH levels in skeletal muscles... thereby allowing you to experience immediate, explosive strength gains, greater muscular contractions, and noticeably delay the onset of muscular fatigue. That means you'll be able to push out more reps and heavier weights with less fatigue and faster recovery. As a result, the total workload and intensity you normally train at will now dramatically increase.

Translated: H+Blocker—from the very first dose—promotes muscular power and strength, so you can pack on more new muscle, faster and easier, than you ever imagined.

H+Blocker Facts You Need to Know:

  • World's First, and Most Powerful Beta-Alanine Formula/Carnosine Booster
  • Delivers Immediate, Explosive Strength and Power Gains!
  • Produces On-Going, Permanent Muscle Growth, Through the Influence of Type IIx Muscle Fibers
  • Works From the Very First Dose and Every Time Afterward
  • Patent-Pending Nutrient Matrix—Cannot Be Duplicated!

*Beta-Alanine (3-aminopropanoic acid), although vital for the synthesis of carnosine, has been relatively unstudied until recently. But in 1994, beta-alanine's potential for synthesizing carnosine was first described in cell cultures studies. Following work by Dr. Mark Dunnett (who incidentally studied under Professor Roger Harris for his doctorate in carnosine metabolism in equine physiology), Dr. Mark Tallon demonstrated that the use of 100 bw of beta-alanine for 30 days combined with histidine enhanced muscle carnosine by 18% in type IIb fibers.

Although this is interesting, there were no human studies. This soon changed, however, with research presented at the American College of Sports Medicine in 2003 on beta-alanine feeding in humans (800 mg taken four times a day for five weeks).

*The Aspartate + Histidine mix is an EXCLUSIVE carnosine-enhancement combo. Why is this combo so vital for carnosine synthesis? The same authors who identified many of the vital functions of carnosine have shown Beta-l-Aspartyl-l-Histidine to be the natural biological precursor for carnosine. As such, it may be metabolized in a similar way as carnosine.

Aonuma et al. (1969) suggested that aspartate added to beta-alanine increases synthesis of muscle carnosine. In addition, histidine given to individuals who are not deficient in dietary histidine (i.e., meat eaters) causes no change in muscle carnosine, which may suggest that aspartyl may better support carnosine synthesis. So by giving Aspartyl-l-Histidine as two separate amino acids (l-histidine and aspartate), we can provide a new ratio of the component amino acids (aspartate and histidine) not delivered in the Aspartyl-l-Histidine compound. By manipulating this compound, we can better enhance muscle carnosine stores by focusing on higher aspartate content and a L-histidine dose already shown to support carnosine synthesis.

*Caffeine: For muscle to contract, calcium must be able to leave the muscle. One way of encouraging this is through a receptor (think of it as a transport system) called a Ryanodine Receptor (RR). During intense exercise, the release of calcium ions may be prevented, causing a decline in the ability of your muscles to contract and produce force. Carnosine has been shown to stimulate RR mediated calcium release from the muscle.

So wouldn't it be great if we could assess the influence of this on force production and more importantly enhance it? Evidence has shown carnosine can not only do this, but in one of the most recent papers, we've found these effects of carnosine can be further enhanced with the addition of caffeine. This study demonstrated that the combination of these two compounds significantly enhanced the ability of human muscle fibers to prolong the generation of force via increased efficiency in the release of calcium by the RR system. Therefore, we have recreated this based on proven dose of carnosine-enhancing nutrients and caffeine at a dose already clinically proven to extend performance in its own right.

*Zinc and Magnesium: The most common nutrients to influence testosterone are the minerals magnesium and zinc. Taking a closer look at zinc, we find a nutrient linked to hundreds of physiological processes in our bodies, but no doubt one of the most important is the maintenance and support of testosterone production.

Studies have shown that at least 68% of adult diets (according to the USDA) have some level of zinc deficiency. That's seven in 10 guys out there, and if you happen to be exercising on a daily basis, it's even worse due to losses of zinc from sweating and increased metabolic rates.

Magnesium, another mineral that modulates rate-limiting enzymes, also plays crucial roles in the maintenance of muscle excitability and nerve conduction (linked to your ability to produce power). Like zinc, daily intakes of magnesium are far below those recommended for normal health, not to mention those needed to support highly active lifestyles. To make matters worse, during and following intense exercise, there is a significant loss of magnesium in sweat and urine. Because of this, many of the biochemical functions magnesium and zinc support may be compromised. In fact, it has been shown that these decrease in zinc and magnesium may lead to fatigue, decreased endurance capacity, and a decline in hormonal adaptations directly linked to resistance exercise.

In 2000, researchers from Western Washington University came up with a combination of ingredients including magnesium and a duel combination zinc supplement that have resulted in some pretty amazing outcomes, not only on exercise performance but on the concentration of hormones that are directly linked to increased muscle growth and better body composition.

Over an eight-week period, 57 resistance trained athletes were given zinc and magnesium based supplementation. The result? Increased testosterone, increased IGF-1, and increased muscle strength. These results show that in correct doses, these nutrients significantly enhance performance. But the story doesn't end there…

In late 2003, a research group from Spain examined the effects of elevating testosterone levels on muscle carnosine concentrations in rats. The resultant influence of increased testosterone is an elevation of carnosine by a massive 268%. Although the testosterone increase was well above that achievable through dietary supplementation, there is a clear relationship between the uptake and synthesis of carnosine in muscle and circulating testosterone levels. In a biopsy study ran on bodybuilders showing elevated muscle carnosine concentrations, similar androgen influencing mechanism were suggested to exist in human tissues. Whether the mechanism is increased carnosine synthesis in muscle or increased transport of amino acids histidine and beta-alanine is only a point of scientific interest. The real story is that by elevating testosterone in our bodies, we enhance our muscles' carnosine stores. For this reason, we are giving you the exact level of zinc and magnesium to provide you with just this effect!

*Carbohydrates, Caffeine, Sodium, and Chloride. Beta-alanine, as mentioned earlier, is a fairly simple molecule made up of a few amino acids, but its transport system is another matter. It seems by coincidence that beta-alanine, like creatine, owes its ability to pass into the muscle on the well-known metabolites sodium (Na) and chloride (Cl). These two co-factors help "piggy-back" beta-alanine into muscle. However, the exact ratio of Na and Cl needed to promote beta-alanine transport from the intestine directly to the muscles via its transport proteins is not 100% known. What we do know is the transport system is remarkably similar to that discovered for creatine.

This is where H+Blocker's novel delivery system begins to take shape, advancing the delivery of one of its key components: "beta-alanine." Therefore, it's no surprise to find a ratio of sodium and chloride ions (2:1 ratio) proven to enhance beta-amino acid uptake in H+Blocker.

The iSatori team didn't want to stop just there, so we pushed the envelope out even further with this product by using study data not even released in peer review journals but just presented at the world-renowned Experimental Biology conference in San Diego:

We wanted a new way to stimulate beta-alanine uptake in muscle tissue without giving massive amounts of sugars. As is already known, sugars cause the release of insulin, and this stimulate the sodium transport system allowing greater uptake of any amino acid including beta-alanine into the muscle. What we needed was a way to elevate blood insulin levels as fast as possible by getting any carbohydrates we included in H+Blocker through the gut and into blood. To achieve this, we have adopted two new concepts to increase the absorption of carbohydrates, including the forms of carbohydrates used and the effect of caffeine on glucose uptake.

To date, 14 transporters for sugars (carbohydrates) have been identified by Shi and colleagues (1995), including the distinct transporters for glucose, fructose, and sucrose. What does this mean when it comes to glucose absorption? Well, if we're interested in optimizing your blood glucose levels or increasing insulin levels as a way of enhancing beta-alanine uptake (which we are), this data suggests it may be wise to use a combination of carbohydrate sources rather than, say, purely a maltodextrin source.

Here's why...

Imagine you have marbles of different sizes and shape (carbs) and you have two buckets—one filled with 100 of one type of marble and the other with a combination of three marbles of different sizes (also totaling 100). Next think of a large bag (small intestine) punctured with 60 different sized holes (carbohydrate transporters) that fit different sized marbles. Which bucket do you think will empty into the bag quicker? The answer should be the combination bucket as the other will have access to only one size of hole rather than MANY to fall through.

Based on this simplified theory, 10 grams of an individual sugar (glucose) would elevate blood insulin levels slower than if we gave 10 grams of glucose, fructose, and sucrose as they will pass through the intestinal wall at a faster rate, providing a greater insulin response and increase the rate of sodium dependant amino acid absorption, including beta-alanine.

Carbohydrate oxidation means the amount of carbohydrate your body burns to produce energy. In a study by Yeo and colleagues (2005), a mix of carbohydrates with the well-known stimulant caffeine was compared with carbohydrates alone. This study assessed the increase in plasma glucose between the two supplement forms, and there was a 26% increase in carbohydrate use! This substantial increase in oxidation of carbohydrates could help maintain muscle and liver glycogen stores, reduce time to fatigue, and increase insulin levels at a much faster rate than carbohydrates given alone.

These two novel approaches for insulin enhancement will increase the uptake of beta-alanine into muscle at a rapidly enhanced rate, allowing a faster rise in muscle carnosine levels. The take-home message for you is enhanced performance levels in record time!

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    If you change your mind or simply aren't happy, you can simply return your unopened product for a full refund within 60 days of purchase!
    Don't like the taste or performance? Simply return your product with 5 scoops or less used and we’ll exchange or apply a store credit within 30 days!
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