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Product Description



This groundbreaking creatine hybrid from Genetix Nutrition delivers the latest in creatine R&D to dramatically increase lifting power and strength.

"CreaPump Max" has been formulated to provide enhanced blood flow and vascularity allowing maximum oxygen and nutrient delivery to improve performance and delay fatigue

CREATINE: Bigger, stronger, faster

The bread and butter of bodybuilding = protein, creatine and glutamine. Creatine is one of the oldest and most reliable supplements on the market today. It recycles the energy used by the muscles for fast, short-burst movements such as weight lifting, sprinting, or for your top golf drive. This energy is known as adenosine tri-phosphate (ATP) and is constantly required to keep you going.

Creatine helps to recycle ATP so that you maintain a higher intensity in your workouts. This means one extra rep, or a heavier wieght or a faster start time for you! There are many different chemical forms of creatine available, and not all are created equal. Most companies out there recommend that you use a five gram serve but you could be wasting your hard earned cash and absorbing as little as one gram!

"CreaPump" is a blend of creatine titrate and malate that provides:

  • Maximum apsorbtion
  • pH balance
  • No bloating
  • No water retention

Creatine titrate produces a product with greater solubilty and a correct pH to maximise that all important absorption. This is important as creatine is only truly active in a narrow pH window, which in Arnie's day meant the consumption of "BiCarb" soda. This was used to prevent the by products of lactic acid from acting negatively in the muscle. Lactic acid is the second source of energy when your body runs low on ATP.

CreaPump also includes creatine malate, a form of creatine bound to malic acid. Malic acid helps to increase energy, stamina and may minimise muscle damage during exercise. Creatine malate is more water soluble, again improving absorption from the digestive system whilst minimising the occurance of digestive upset. These two creatines have their differences but when combined, produce a superior product that maximises the uptake and use of this essential sports nutrient.

The inside scoop on CreaPump

Crea Pump Max contains focus and performance agents to ensure you are getting the most out of every single training session. 


If after working an eight hour shift you're feeling less than motivated to get to the gym, this ingredient will give you the kick in the butt to smash through your exercise. If you're looking for increased concentration, intense focus and leaner gains you've got that here too. Tyrosine is used by the body to produce the brain chemical (neurotransmitter) dopamine. Increased dopamine levels are associated with increased alertness, better mood and feelings of wellbeing. More importantly high dopamine levels are associated with a muscle gains, as dopamine may stimulate receptors in the hypothalamus that activate the release of Growth Hormone-Releasing Hormone (GHRH), stimulating the production of growth hormone and testosterone. High dopamine levels will also keep you lean. This is because dopamine feeds the thyroid gland which governs your entire metabolism

The acetyl form of tyrosine in Crea-pump results in a stronger uptake into the brain that is twice as potent as the more common L-tyrosine. This makes Crea-pump an ideal product for those looking for a non stimulant creatine that will still provide plenty of energy and drive. This is the supplement you will really feel!

Magnesium, potassium and sodium electrolyte blend

A dehydrated muscle is a weak muscle! The electrolytes included in our blend will help keep you hydrated and will also help muscular cells access the other included nutrients.

Beta alanine

A few years ago, you'd struggle to find someone that had heard of this agent and yet now it's found in so many products it's taking over the world!

Beta Alanine reduces the negative side effects of lactic acid. It does this by increasing the intramuscular carnosine levels which helps clear excess hydrogen, preventing the associated drop in pH. Creatine and beta alanine work well together to increase strength and reduce muscular fatigue.


Arginine Alpha Keto-glutartate (AAKG) quite simply gives you massive pumps! This amino acid is also involved in the energy cycle that keeps churning out ATP to keep you pushing through the pain. Its a vasodilator which means increased blood flow to your hard working muscles. Better blood flow means more nutrition arriving where its needed and this means better growth and recovery.

Citrulline malate

This amino acid and arginine are great in combination as citrulline is metabolized within the body to form arginine within the kidneys. Oral citrulline supplementation increases arginine levels by up to 60 percent. Citrulline may increase arginine concentration in the blood to a greater extent than arginine itself. Citrulline increases our energy levels, growth hormone and testosterone. This combination ensures massive blood flow to the muscle giving you gastronomic pumps.


During training glutamine is used to buffer and contain waste by products, and our body uses the glutamine existing in the blood stream to achieve this. As this concentration of glutamine in the blood is so important, the body will breakdown muscle tissue to maintain it. This is muscle going catabolic and is a body builders worst nightmare! So to prevent any muscle loss we have included glutamine to keep you in an anabolic, muscle-building state!

Carbohydrate matrix

All the amino acids included in Genetix CreaPump require carbohydrate to stimulate their uptake and use in the body. Why? Insulin is the hormone required to drive amino acids into the cells of the body. And what drives insulin? Carbohydrate. This is why we want our carbohydrate intake and therefore insulin to be higher during and immediately after any muscle-building exercise we do. So taking in carbohydrate which stimulates insulin drives all our anabolic nutrients in to the muscle. An added benefit to increasing our insulin is that insulin is antagonist to cortisol. As any dedicated sports athelte will know, training is stressful to the body and this stress stimulates the release of cortisol. Cortisol is a stress hormone that breaks down muscle tissue and decreases immune function. Carbs taken directly around training will not get stored as fat but will be sucked up by the muscles for growth! Insulin is the hormone on which all muscle growth depends, and the fast release carbohydrates contained in Crea-pump will ensure you get the most out of this anabolic creatine blend.

Alpha lipoic acid (ALA)

Absorption! Remember, all the supplements you take are only as good as far as they are absorbed. A study conducted by Burke and his mates at St Francis Xavier University in Canada compared supplementing with creatine, carbs or creatine, carbs and alpha lipoic acid (ALA). Creatine when taken with carbohydrate creates a beneficial effect on insulin activity and improves the action of creatine in our bodies. This study shows how adding ALA to the mix maximises this even further! Other scientific studies have shown that ALA is anti aging, anti oxidant and can protect us from diabetes and obesity. It is perfect for those athletes looking to stay in optimum health, increase their muscularity and stay lean.



Add half a scoop (22g) to 250ml of water or beverage. Consume one serve 30 minutes prior to workout.

For enhanced results consume one serve of CreaPump Max with one serve of Genetix Glycoload and 500ml of water immediately post workout.



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    If you change your mind or simply aren't happy, you can simply return your unopened product for a full refund within 60 days of purchase!
    Don't like the taste or performance? Simply return your product with 5 scoops or less used and we’ll exchange or apply a store credit within 30 days!
    Here at Nutrition Warehouse we love to make sure you are completely satisfied with your purchase. If it’s our fault, then the returns are on us!

No Longer Available / Discontinued
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    Don't Like it for any reason?
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Love the BuzzReview by Sam
Mixes well, easy to drink, gets the skin tingling, my mind on track and the reps real. Have been using this for about a year now 3 times a week 4 weeks on 1 week off (Posted on 14/03/2017)
It does the Job and helps maintain the FlowReview by Slic
I find my levels are boosted and I'm always ready to hustle at the gym. I lack the spirit to get up in the morning, but once in the gym, the pumping starts, the lil whispers in the ear fades away. Game time every time! Hit it hard or go home! (Posted on 14/03/2017)

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