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Post Workout

As the name suggests, post-workout protein supplements and recovery formulas are designed specifically for the immediate phase after exercise, where your body is both at its most damaged state from exercise and it’s most receptive state for recovery. By using the right post workout shake, we can improve recovery time, reduce cell damage and enhance repeat performance.

During a bout of exercise, whether it be load bearing like running, weight training and playing a contact sport, or non-load bearing like riding a bike, swimming or kayaking, there will always be some element of muscle breakdown alongside a portion of energy depletion depending on the type, length and intensity of exercise.

By understanding the variables of the type of training you do, if it is muscle breakdown heavy like weight training, or specifically fuel depleting like a cardiorespiratory event such as running or cycling, you can tailor your post-workout nutrition shake to ensure the key variables that need recovering are effectively and efficiently replenished.

With the primary function of a post workout supplement being recovery, key variables include ingredients to refuel and refill carbohydrate stores in the muscle known as glycogen, to rebuild and repair the muscle tissue broken down and finally to reduce the influx of multiple stress hormones that are responsible for causing post training inflammation and cell damage.

Utilising a post workout supplement such as the ones offered at Nutrition Warehouse, you are able to refuel energy stores faster, repair and rebuild muscle tissue quicker and reduce the inflammation and delayed onset of muscle soreness, which commonly occurs after exercise.

Following this, an effective post workout shake will allow you to return to the gym of sports field faster, with a greater chance of performing to your potential. So whether you need more carbohydrates to replenish glycogen, are more concerned about muscle repair or constantly feel jaded post workout, utilising the key nutrients these products offer is critically important for recovery.

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