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Plant Based Protein


What is a plant-based protein powder?

Plant based protein powders have been designed to ensure individuals looking to fortify a plant-based diet with high-quality protein, can do so with complete confidence in both the product quality and the products ethical sourcing of ingredients.

Designed and formulated to provide either singular source protein sources such as pea, soy, hemp and rice, or combinations of two or more of these high-quality protein sources, plant proteins fill the gap sometimes missing in a plant-based diet that is structured optimally.


Plant proteins for Vegans, Vegetarians or Lactose Intolerance

Generally fortified with high-quality amino acids, additional digestive aids and often, they contain superfood extracts as well, Plant Proteins today yield a fantastic essential amino acid profile, and unlike the past, they taste great now as well.

Plant Proteins are suitable for anyone looking for a high-quality protein source that is free of animal products and they are designed to provide high-quality protein from ethically sourced ingredients.

Plant based proteins are high quality, ethically approved and provide a great alternative to traditional whey or casein-based formulas for anyone who has digestive difficulty with dairy products as well. Often unfairly tainted by the misinformed, Plant Proteins provide high-quality amino acid profiles and are often fortified even further to ensure the quality and delivery of the protein source are optimised. Gone are the days of “incomplete” plant-based protein sources!

If you are looking to increase the quality of protein you consume, wanting to enhance recovery or even simply just support a healthy metabolism, consuming high-quality protein can help you achieve this.


What are the different types of plant proteins?

Pea Protein is commonly used in plant-based protein powders due to its naturally high amount of essential amino acids (EAAs) and branched chain amino acids (BCAAs). EAAs and BCAAs play an important role in muscular endurance and recovery. Pea protein is free from dairy and allergen so is ideal for those with lactose intolerance or other food sensitivities.

Rice protein is another great alternative to whey protein and similarly to Pea Protein, Rice protein contains all 9 EAAs. Rice protein is easily digested in the body and is hypoallergenic. Rice protein has many benefits including assisting in muscle repair and recovery, assisting in weight management, regulating cholesterol, and reducing blood pressure. The best part about Rice Protein is its subtle taste, making it easy to use in breakfast bowls, smoothies, and baking!

Soy protein is probably one of the best-known plant-based proteins and is hugely popular due to its amino acid profile which is the closest to a traditional whey protein. Soy protein is high in protein, dairy free and Vegan friendly and is a great low carb, low fat protein supplement. Soy protein can help boost energy, build muscle, and manage your weight. Soy is naturally cholesterol free and low in saturated fat which is great news for your blood pressure and heart health.

Hemp protein is a great addition to any healthy lifestyle and its nutty taste adds a nice flavour profile to your smoothies and baked treats. Hemp protein is a natural source of Omega 3 and 6, is easily digested and is also a sustainable source of protein – yay for the planet! Hemp protein is high in fibre, contains natural carbohydrates and healthy fats plus it’s a great source of natural fatty acids.

Nutrition Warehouse stocks a wide range of plant-based proteins to suit your diet and lifestyle. Check out our range today and say hello to a healthier, happier you!



Are whey-based proteins better than plant-based proteins?

There are many similarities between whey and plant-based proteins and the answer will depend on your personal preference, allergies, or lifestyle choices. Plant-based proteins are great because they’re considered low allergen and contain natural fibre which whey-based proteins do not. Both whey and plant-based proteins are considered effective in building muscle but ultimately, the best protein for you is one that meets your dietary requirements.


I’m an athlete, can I use plant-based protein?

Protein is key for helping athletes and gym goers repair and strengthen their muscle tissue. You can still get all the protein you need from a plant-based protein powder.


When should I take plant-based protein powders?

The general rule of thumb is that protein powder is better post workout so aim to consume your plant protein shake between 15-60 minutes after your workout.


What is the best plant-based protein?

This is a bit like choosing your favourite child 😉 Each plant-based protein has its own set of benefits so choosing one will depend on your personal preference like taste, texture, and cost. Rest assured, Nutrition Warehouse stocks the widest range of plant-based protein powders so you’ll be able to make an informed choice and decide which one is best for you. Check out the reviews at the bottom of each product to hear what others have to say!


Can I return my plant-based protein if I don’t like it?

Here at Nutrition Warehouse, we love to make sure you are completely satisfied with your products and experience. As a result, we have one of the best return policies in the entire supplement industry!


Don't like the taste or performance of your new product for any reason? Then simply return your opened product with 5 scoops or less used to any store or our online warehouse. We will happily exchange or apply a store credit within 30 days of purchase. Don't forget to bring in your receipt or rewards card.


If you change your mind or simply aren't happy for any reason, you can simply return your unopened product to any store or our online warehouse to exchange for another product or take a store credit. If you would like a full refund, you just need to head back to the original store you purchased for a full refund. Don't forget to bring in your receipt or rewards card.


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