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Endurance supplements are designed and tailored to the specific needs of an endurance athlete. Utilising key ingredients specified to enhance energy restoration, ensure rehydration is maximised and to prevent muscle breakdown in times of high-energy demand, makes endurance supplementation a critical point of the endurance athletes approach to maximising their performance and recovery.

Endurance demands energy, it demands you to be able to recover fast and efficiently and it demands you to be physically strong. Without the right approach to nutrition, supplementation and recovery, being involved in an endurance sport may leave you more susceptible to injury, chronic inflammation, muscle breakdown and general fatigue.

As a finely tuned machine, when in high demand your body requires premium grade protein sources for muscle recovery, free form amino acids to prevent muscle breakdown and enhance repair, high-quality carbohydrates to replenish energy stores and a specially balanced blend of electrolytes to hydrate the body on a cellular level.

When in a state of deprivation, like your body can be during or after an endurance-based event, your body is screaming out for nutrients. Providing it with the carbohydrates it needs for intense bouts of exercise or even medium chain triglycerides like coconut oil provides for more steady state demands, utilising a product specifically designed to repair, refuel and recover, the risk for injury goes down and also prevents the likelihood of hitting the wall due to a lack of fuel.

So whether you are looking for a product to replenish glycogen levels as soon as possible, want to enhance muscle recovery, need assistance in reducing inflammation to improve recovery or a suffering from muscle cramps and an overall feeling of being jaded due to the extreme of your exercise regime, an endurance product will help you replenish energy quicker, perform better and recover faster.

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