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Everyone who exercises needs carbohydrates! More specifically, if you are someone who trains at a high intensity, train multiple sessions a day or struggle to get in the necessary calories due to work commitments, utilising a carbohydrate powder is a convenient, extremely efficient way of getting in the fuel and calories you need to ensure maximum recovery and performance.

Fuel management in humans is an automated system of constant re-regulation of what fuel is the most efficient source of energy to be used for the body and brain; depending on the situation it is in. Carbohydrates are the primary and preferred fuel source of the brain, of which utilises in the vicinity of 80g of glucose a day, as well as being the primary fuel source of muscle tissue during and after high-intensity exercise.

During high-intensity exercise, stored carbohydrates known as glycogen are broken down into glucose to be used as energy. Like a car, when petrol becomes depleted or low, we need to refuel it and our bodies are the same. The only major difference is we have a higher affinity or greater sensitivity to store carbs as fuel in the muscle at one particular time, which is post exercise.

Taking a carbohydrate supplement post workout that has a high glycemic index, which refers to the speed of which it causes a rise in blood glucose, has been shown to increase the speed of glycogen re-uptake. Which in turn means faster replenishment of energy and a quicker return to peak performance on the field or in a gym.

So whether you are looking to replenish glycogen after an intense bout of exercise, want to increase the stores of glycogen in preparation for a carbohydrate demanding event to ensure maximum energy is available during exercise or you simply need to more carbohydrates in your diet and can't find the time nor the appetite to eat more, using an easily digested, cost effective and convenient carbohydrate powder is a great way to maximise performance, energy and recovery.

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