Ever wondered what protein is made of or why your mood elevates and drops from time to time? Other than hormones, amino acids play a critical role in some of the major processes in the body including the regulation of mood, the repair and building of tissue such as muscle, collagen, hair, skin and nails, as well as also providing the necessary support in the function of our major organs. In essence, amino acids are the building blocks of both the physical and mental life.

There are over 500 amino acids found in the human body, of which all have varying benefits and functions. Of the 500 there are 23 specific to protein metabolism, which helps improve muscle protein synthesis (growth). However of the 23 protein building amino acids, only 8 are known as the Essential Amino Acids (EAA).

As the name suggests, these amino acids are essential for human health and must be consumed via your diet as your body has no ability to synthesise and create these internally, or else you increase the risk of protein deficiency.

Within these 8 EAA’s the three critical amino acids known specifically to enhance muscle repair and growth are Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA), which includes L-leucine, Iso-Leucine and Valine.

Amino acids are not however solely structural but instead are also involved in regulating mood and brain function, improving physical performance and in strengthening the immune system while decreasing stress hormones.

An amino acid product is suitable for anyone who is looking to enhance muscle growth, reduce recovery time, enhance mood through improving brain function and also improving training capacity.

So whether you want to feel better mentally, improve endurance, enhance strength or delay the onset of muscle soreness, utilising an amino acid supplement that is tailored to your needs is a great addition to your supplement protocol.

Recover faster, grow quicker, perform better and feel great while doing it!

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    Core 9 EAA by Faction Labs
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