What Does Pre-Workout Do?

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What Does Pre-Workout Do?

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Prepare for an intense workout with the right supplement to help you get the most out of your training session. If you are a gym junkie, you have heard of pre-workouts before. If you are a newbie to this scene, pre-workout may not be in your vocabulary yet. We are here to help you discover or rediscover this top-rated supplement.

Let’s take a deep dive into what pre-workouts do and how incorporating them into your routine can significantly benefit your performance in the gym.

How Do Pre Workouts Work?

Each pre-workout supplement is formulated differently. Some will suit you better than others. However, the idea behind them remains the same. The combination of ingredients in pre-workouts is designed to help you reach your maximum potential in the gym and to have you performing at your best. One of those key ingredients is caffeine, which will help increase your focus and energy.

Big Black DVST8 by Inspired Nutraceuticals

Inspired Nutraceuticals Big Black DVST8 contains key ingredients, including Beta-Alanine, Caffeine Anhydrous and Creatine, to help increase energy and boost muscle endurance. This pre-workout formula is packed with 10 active ingredients to help you push your limits.

  • Caffeine Anhydrous 375 mg
  • Teacrine (Theacrine) 200 mg
  • Beta Alanine 3200 mg

Why Use Stimulant Pre-workouts?

Think this way: you only have 45 minutes to smash through your session, and adding a pre-workout will give you the edge to push harder and stay focused on your workout. Adding a stimulant pre-workout to your routine makes you feel ready and fired up for the gym.

How many times have you arrived at the gym and had no motivation? Or how many times were you tired and decided to miss your training? When you don’t feel like getting to the gym, having a stimulant pre-workout can wake up the brain and body so you can smash your workout no matter what.

Now, if you train in the morning, swapping out your coffee for a pre-workout can give you the energy you need to get through that early morning workout. Many pre-workouts also incorporate vitamins and minerals to help support the body in more ways than one. While focusing on getting through your gruelling workout, your body uses the nutrients from your pre-workout formula to produce energy and fuel your muscles.

How to Use Pre-workout Effectively

Using your pre-workout is relatively simple. Each formula will have specific directions on the label and the desired serving. Pre workouts are best when taken 15 to 30 minutes before you train.

If you’re using a stimulant pre-workout and are unsure of your tolerance, it may be a good idea to have some food in your stomach before consumption or take half a scoop and slowly increase each time.

If you’re an avid pre-workout consumer, it’s a great idea to cycle your pre-workouts so the body doesn’t build up a tolerance. You can do this by using your pre-workouts for 3-4 weeks and skipping them for a week or two. This way, the body won’t become dependent on the pre-workout hit, and you can still get all the amazing benefits all year round.

Pre-workouts are for anyone, no matter what fitness level you are currently at. Incorporating them into your routine can help give you the drive, energy and motivation you need to kick your butt at the gym.

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