The Best Gaming Supplements in Australia

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The Best Gaming Supplements in Australia

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Press Start – Gaming Supplements Are Here to Stay!

When it comes to your gaming experience, everyone is different. Whether you are someone who likes to play alone and cultivate their village or go head-to-head with a lobby full of people, you need adequate fuel.

In the past, fuel would be provided by a sugar rush from something like Mountain Dew (Make Love Not Warcraft fans will know what we mean) or your favourite on-the-go, sweet lollies. Now, we can say it’s a little different. Gaming is taken more seriously, especially with the success of Esports and Let's Plays. Gaming supplements have become the newest Triple-A player within the supplement industry.

What Are Gaming Supplements?

When we say supplements, we don’t mean the regular fitness supplements you are used to. We are talking about gaming supplements designed specifically for the needs of gamers. These supplements feature key benefits to gamer including mental focus, precision, hand-eye coordination and slow-release energy.

We have handpicked our favourite gamer supps to support your gaming sessions and lifestyle. So settle into your gaming chair and get your shaker on standby because those trigger buttons will go at double time. Let's check out Nutrition Warehouse's range of the best gaming supplements in Australia. 


The Best Supplements for Gamers in Australia

When it comes to gaming supplements, there are two main things we search for. These are focus and energy. When you support mental clarity and energy with a gaming booster, you see boosts in mood and performance. Benedict Ang, a Senior Coach at Total Shape, explains that:

“Gamers often take these supplements to counter the fatigue that can set in during extended gaming sessions. They report benefits like improved reaction times, heightened focus, and reduced mental fatigue. By reducing the risk of burnout and improving cognitive abilities, gaming supplements contribute to more consistent and prolonged gaming performance.”

Supplementing isn’t just about running marathons or lifting weights. It's an approach to life where you can give your body a little extra help with the correct nutrition. If you compete in Esports or are trying to climb the ranks in a game like PUBG: Battlegrounds, you should improve your performance without any hacks.

Good nutrition and support are a must when you want to perform. Let's be honest: gaming is not just about watching a screen. It also involves mental strength and physical activity.

According to Solitaired Statistics, Trends and Data, there are 3.3 billion gamers across platforms and genres. This makes gaming a fundamental part of modern entertainment.

When you are playing online with a team or by yourself, unlucky deaths and laggy inputs are a fact of life. You need to have the mental aid to get you coming back stronger and sooner. While physically, you can apply hand-eye coordination for just about anything, from Guitar Hero to Elite Dangerous.

Gamer Supplements Key Ingredients

One of the most common supplement ingredients, gamer supps included, is caffeine. When you are staring at a gaming monitor, focus and concentration can be the difference between that leaderboard-topping KD Ratio and an unfortunate controller accident.

Caffeine offers that cognitive function kick when dosed correctly. Gamer supps can’t be overstimulating. They need to deliver energy and focus without the jitters and crashes because that can throw you off your game. You will find other brain-supporting ingredients in the form of nootropics. Ingredients like Alpha GPC are there to support memory requirements for those pesky combos and finicky mechanics.

Vitamins, minerals and amino acids are also included in different formulations, offering similar benefits to improve focus, cognitive function and enhanced mood. There are also newer ingredients that are taking gaming supplements to the next level, for example, NooLVL®.  This ingredient has been found to enhance speed processing, task switching, and selective attention in eGamers. Ghost Lifestyle Gamer contains NooLVL® plus a wide range of ingredients specifically designed for gamers.

The Best Gaming Supps for All-Night Steaming

Whether you have a dedicated following on Twitch or are looking to have a little fun and pull an all-nighter with one of your favourite games, you need adequate support. If you peak too soon, then that late-night race to the Nether is never going to happen.

For a burgeoning streamer or a seasoned eSports pro, Gamer by Ghost Lifestyle is the perfect gaming desk staple. Offering all-night support with Natural Caffeine and a brain-boosting nootropic blend, you’ll receive mental clarity and energy-boosting support in one gulp. This cognitive function support comes from Ghost Lifestyle’s specially designed Gamer formula, which utilises Cognizin® Citicoline, Raw Coconut Water Powder, AstraGin and Theobromine for mental focus. If you are worrying about focus and concentration, then the inclusion of taurine could aid in reducing your fatigue, working alongside L-tyrosine to support alertness.

If you want to give your session a second wind and surge to the top of the leaderboard, then Bang Energy RTD Drinks by VPX Sports Nutrition is your pick. With a combination of caffeine and vitamin B, you get the energy needed without the post-crash. Let’s face it: if you are in between matches on Overwatch or engaging with viewers on general chat, the last thing you’ll want to do is be afk and mess around with a shaker and mixer. Bang Energy RTD Drinks are free from calories, carbohydrates and sugar.

The Best Gamer Supps for Turn-Based Combat & Roleplay Games

When you’re playing turn-based combat games, you require a lot of strategy in your approach. The extended focus and concentration required can be even more strained if you are playing an RPG. Whether you’re playing Pokémon or a more challenging game like Baldur's Gate 3, the ability to strategise continually is vital.

You know you’re in good hands when your supplement includes the Konami Code as an easter egg for avid gamers looking to boost their gaming sessions. Attention Cheat Mode by Faction Labs is a supplement designed to offer cognitive function like no other.

The combination of acetyl-L-tyrosine, citicoline and alpha GPC offer support when you are mid-battle and have to leverage all your cognitive functions to tackle that overpowered boss. L-carnitine offers that prolonged support so you carry that focus and energy into your next interaction with your party.

Another powerful gaming nootropic you could turn to when you are about to raid your next dungeon is Gaming Booster by LevlUp. This isn’t just an under-dosed gamer bait, it's the gamer supp that will support focus and concentration across your entire game session. You’ll get the benefits of L-tyrosine for concentration and vitamin B12 to ensure that both you and your party are happy and confident going into the grind!

The Best Gaming Supplements for Sports Sames & First-Person Shooters

Whether it's a promotion push with your Ultimate Team or you are attempting to be the last man standing in your lobby, you need mental clarity and natural energy. Overpowered caffeine supplements could push you into a jittery mess who couldn’t hit a barn door, let alone the sweaty sniper who has you pinned down when the zone is decreasing.

We mentioned the benefits that Gaming Booster by LevlUp offered in regard to mood-boosting. It’s something that is vital when you are 2-1 in a game of EAFC Ultimate Team, and your opponent pulls their second griddy of the match, despite that only being their second shot on target. What we didn’t mention is the added taurine and caffeine for aiding in delaying fatigue and keeping your energy up, so you can turn the game around and make them question ever inputting their celebration in the first place.

Another one of the gaming supplements that offers an added dash of taurine for a less stressful experience is Mental by PharmaLabs. Offering brain-boosting nootropics and natural energy from a patented mix of CoffeeBerry®, AstraGin® and Zynamite, you can remain dialled into each tap of your mouse or controller. With no tingles, jitters or crashes, you won’t fall short in that promotion match or final 1v1 to win the round!

The Best Gaming Supps for Fighting Games

Whether it's your Tekken, Mortal Kombar or Super Smash Bros, they all share a breakneck pace where you require intense focus and energy. You could spend hours learning the combos of your favourite fighter just to lose concentration and revert to button-mashing as your character gets pummelled into a fatality. That's why you need the best gaming supplement based on your preference of game, so you can take down your opponent who has been spamming the low kick for the last two rounds.

We have mentioned Mental by PharmaLabs amongst other gamer supps. The ultimate endurance and focus it offers makes it an excellent choice when your screen is covered in brawling characters. Don’t fall off the side of the map in the confusion, with a nootropic blend that includes L-tyrosine so you can remain alert of what is happening and keep on top of the action.

While this gaming supplement could have been named for ranked competitive shooters and sports games, we thought we’d save one of the best to last. G Fuel Energy Formula by Gamma Labs has been offering gamers support for over a decade, it's the blueprint gaming supplements have been working off ever since. That means a mix of caffeine, L-tyrosine and acetyl L-tyrosine to improve your focus when pulling off a well-timed combo. There are also vitamins C, E, B6, B12 and 19 different fruit extracts for further support for cognitive function. This veritable loot box of supplement goodness will turn you from player none to player one.

Level Up

Ready to adopt the shaker to your gaming desk and take your gaming sessions to the next level? Check out the best gamer supps Australia has to offer with Nutrition Warehouse’s dedicated gamer supps section. Power up today and turn your playthrough to the next level!

Not sure what gaming supplements will fit your playstyle? Not only do we offer the best supplements for gamers, but we also offer the game changing five scoop guarantee. This means you can try any of the best supplements for gaming and within five scoops, you can see if it takes your game to a new world or you need to reset with a new supp.

Bonus Level: FAQs Gamer Supps Aus

Where can I buy gamer supps in Australia?

Nutrition Warehouse has a wide range of gamer supps available. Check out the latest gamer supplements, brands and flavours.


When in my gaming session should I take gaming supplements?

Most of the supplements designed for gamers will recommend taking them before or during your gaming session. It is important to remember that most gaming supplements contain caffeine and taking them late in the day can affect your sleep schedule. To learn more about caffeine in supplements, check out our blog on the basics of caffeine here

Where can I find game supplements specials?

Sign up to Nutrition Warehouse here for the latest deals and offers on a range of supplement brands and products, including gaming supplements!


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