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Get Wise To 8 Big Bodybuilding Scams

Posted on October 24th, 2011 by Lucy

When the internet was first becoming popular, there were a lot of people scammed. We clicked on links in emails and entered our personal details, we signed up to become instant millionaires by giving our opinions to survey companies and we helped besieged Nigerian princesses. Now we know better in a lot of ways … but there are still plenty of scams out there waiting to trap the unwary. There are literally too many ways to count that the internet can deceive you – today we look at 8 of the biggest bodybuilding scams built around the net and how you can get wise to them.

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  1. The Before/After Picture Scam
    Most of us know that there is a program called Photoshop which allows you to doctor photographs. Some people don’t realise the extent to which photos can be altered with Photoshop. There are literally thousands of fake before/after pictures used to sell bodybuilding supplements. The thing you need to ask yourself is … “Before and after what?”. An intensive 12 month program? Or simply drinking a couple of shakes?
  2. The Bodybuilding Supplement Scams
    There are a lot of unscrupulous bodybuilding supplement sellers out there, promising big results that just can’t be delivered without a lot of hard work as well. There’s no silver bullet – bodybuilding takes hard work. Anyway, if you don’t love hard work you need to find another sport!
  3. The Testosterone Scam
    Read somewhere about the miracle muscle gains that EVRYBODY can get with just a bit of testosterone? They can be fantastic – but only if your testosterone levels are lower than ideal. If your between 18 and 25, they generally aren’t necessary.
  4. The Poisonous Supplement Scam
    Occasionally, a dishonest supp manufacturer will put out information saying that its main competitor’s major bodybuilding supplement ingredient is actually carcinogenic, contains base metals, or some other terrible thing. Check the information with multiple sources before believing this.
  5. The Fake Shop Scam
    Found a bodybuilding supplement, workout gear or popular diet book at unbelievable prices from an amazing new store? Don’t order – chances are you’ll get no product and will simply never see your money (and possibly your identity) again.
  6. ‘Free’ Sample Scams
    Found free bodybuilding supplement samples and just need to supply your credit card number in order to prove you are over 18? Don’t do it! Free samples are incredibly hard to come by and prone to exploitation by scammers.
  7. Fake Testimonials
    Just because it is written in black and white, doesn’t mean it is a real person’s opinion. Never trust anything under the heading ‘Testimonials’!
  8. The Ad Click Scam
    A fairly innocuous scam, you have probably seen these ads many times on the net. They have incredibly tantalising headings like ‘How I got Ripped in 4 Weeks’ or ‘Lose 1 pound of belly fat every day by following this 1 weird old tip’. These ads are never for any worthwhile information that you can’t find elsewhere, or for products that really work.

Don’t believe the hype!

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