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Big on Muscle, Short of Women: Bodybuilders and Girlfriends

Posted on September 5th, 2011 by Lucy

You know what The Beatles sang … “Well I don’t care too much for muscles, muscles can’t buy me loooooove”! Didn’t they?? At the time, we though it was just what the skinny runts said because they didn’t have the drive to get built. Yet now, there are a lot of bodybuilders realising that while you certainly need all different things in life to be happy (muscles being one of them), none can substitute for the other. So, today we check out some hot tips for getting a chick hot for YOU!

Not About the Body…

If you’ve seen Dorian Yates’ girlfriend, you know that there are plenty of women out there who are interested in men’s personalities, not their looks. Fitness fanatics spend a lot of leisure time thinking about their bodies, and it’s easy to slip into the idea that your face and body are all that the opposite sex will care about. Unfortunately, your biceps can’t make conversation. However, if they give you the confidence to start a conversation, that’s a different matter …

All About Confidence

We talk to quite a lot of bodybuilders who are wondering why they can’t get girlfriends, and we hear the same answers over and over again … “it’s all about confidence!”. This is completely true, but it isn’t like you can just say, “Ooops, I forgot to turn my Confidence switch on! There we go, all better now! Hey ladies!”. You need to build your confidence in different ways. Try:

  • Doing a short course
  • Joining a club
  • Doing one of the ‘female oriented’ classes at your gym. You need a bit of cardio too!
  • Doing some volunteer work

The more you see yourself as interesting and your contribution as worthwhile, the more confident you’ll feel in all walks of life.

Be Interested in Her

If you can cultivate in interest in people in general, you are halfway to getting a girlfriend. When people talk, don’t just wait for your turn … listen to what they say, think about it, ask them a question about it … and be fascinated by all the different stories and opinions there are out there. Girls are looking for empathy and understanding – and they can tell straight away if you’re just looking for someone to keep the other half of the bed warm.

Don’t Be a Bad Boy

Confused about why your mates keep telling you that women like bad boys, and why women keep saying that they like nice guys? There is a middle ground. Bad girls like bad boys. Nice girls like nice guys. Whatever you are, if you try to act like someone other than yourself you’ll only hook up with girls who really don’t suit you.

Sometimes the other guys at the gym will be right, sometimes wrong. However, the old advice is usually the good advice … be yourself, be interested and open, and believe in yourself … then when the right chick comes along, it will all fall into place.

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