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Best Bodybuilding Gym? Not the McDojo of Bullshido!

Posted on March 9th, 2012 by Lucy

Martial arts and bodybuilding are increasingly running in parallel these days. MMA fighters need to maintain a good degree of strength and power as well as flexibility, speed and agility. You might have seen adverts for MMA gyms or simple martial arts classes that will teach you to stun a man with a single touch, or impart the ability to kill without even touching a man. These tricks all belong in a group known officially as ‘bullshido’! Today we check out some martial arts stunts and how they actually take people in, to help you avoid signing up for classes at the McDojo of Bullshido.

Martial Arts Myth and Magic

You might have heard some of these stories about the supposed power that some advanced martial arts practitioners have:

Bruce Lee’s death:

Legend has it that Bruce Lee was killed by a rival martial arts master using the ‘Touchless Touch of Death’. Actually, he died of cerebral oedema after a dinner party. No, the cerebral oedema was not caused by the touch of death – it was most likely caused by a side effect of the common muscle relaxant, meprobamate. He had been rushed to hospital with the same cerebral oedematous symptoms several weeks before his death.

The Human Stun Gun:

Fox News did an investigation into a man dubbed the ‘Human Stun Gun’, able to apparently knock people out without a touch. They exposed it as pretty much an exercise is fraud, though the ‘stun gun’ says that only about 40% of people are actually susceptible to this type of touchless knockout.

Kiai Mastery:

Kiai master Ryukerin may be currently the best known of these, who say that they can send a room tumbling with just a wave of the hand manipulating ‘invisible energy’ in the participants. He offered $5000 to any MMA fighter who could beat him. One took up the challenge, beat him to a pulp, and collected.

What About ‘Single Touch’ Knockouts?

These are a lot more real than the supposed interference with Qi that many bullshido practitioners claim they can achieve. There are several spots on the human body on which a punch would actually be lethal. MMA fighters should obviously not try to use these to win a fight. However, they are useful to learn if only so you know what to avoid so that your opponent doesn’t go home with a toetag on. They include:

  • Punch to the heart: A single blunt force blow to the heart can disrupt its electrical rhythm and cause it to stop. The blow causes ventricular fibrillation, meaning that the heart cannot pump effectively; a defibrillator can restore the normal rhythm.
  • Blow to the temple: While the temple is not a direct window to the brain and not as fragile as some people would have you believe, it is a very soft portion of the skull directly over a major artery, rupture of which can cause death by intracranial pressure
  • Blow to carotid artery: If struck in the carotid artery in your neck, a stroke might be possible. Don’t try it at home.

If the potential martial arts classes you are investigating claim to give you any of these special powers, ignore them. Any so called ‘demonstrations’ usually involve complicit ‘volunteers’ or sleight of hand. And while you can injure someone badly, or even kill them with a single blow … do you really want to? Save your cash for reality!

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