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3 Bogus Cancer Scares You Can Safely Ignore

Posted on March 12th, 2012 by Lucy

Contamination of consumer products is a very real issue in our society. We are almost completely dependent on people we don’t know to create our food and drinks and bodybuilding supplements, working in factories we will never see, using chemicals which we have no right to know about. This is why there are such strict testing protocols for all food, drink and bodybuilding supplement product imported into the country, and which are manufactured in the country.

Yet if you watch certain current affairs programs or read certain ‘natural living’ magazines or blogs, many people would have you believe that there are dozens of ‘hidden’ carcinogens in the products we use and the way they interact with cooking processes. Some very bizarre habits come out of these scares … like my sister in law, who runs round the corner to hide every time she puts the baby bottle in the microwave! But are the risks real and supported by evidence? We find out about 3 popular contamination myths today which you can safely ignore.

  1. Drinking from plastic bottles
    Everybody in the world will die one day. Most people in the world will have drunk from a plastic bottle at one time in their life. Most bodybuilders will drink from plastic shaker bottles several times a day. But is this going to give you cancer? Probably not. Most of the key studies cited on this issue were not peer reviewed and were not formal epidemiologic studies.So, while certain plastics can leach chemicals into your water or your bodybuilding supplement, and this process can be accelerated by heat, if you choose a plastic shaker bottle specifically designed for dinking from and use it as directed, you’ll be safe!
  2. Using deodorant
    Breast cancer is incredibly common, especially in the United States, which is a very hygiene-conscious society and therefore uses a lot of deodorant. The aluminium in anti-perspirant deodorants was first implicated in breast cancer long ago – but has since been disproven. In fact, when you scroll through the results in Pubmed for ‘deodorant cancer’, the vast majority of studies are actually disproving the myth that deodorant causes breast cancer. Female bodybuilders and males alike can smell good, without fearing that you’re harming yourself.
  3. Microwaving your food
    Microwaves have been commonplace in the Australian home for at least 15 years now. And during that time, myths about the way they contaminate food with poisonous products and energies have abounded. Some of these include:
    - Minerals in vegetables are altered to free radicals in microwaves – FALSE
    - Microwaved food causes brain damage by ‘shorting out’ electrical impulses in the brain – FALSE
    - Hormone production is altered or shut down by eating microwaved food – FALSE
    - Microwaved food’s nutrition is destroyed by the microwaving process – FALSE
    You need only look as far as the vast majority of healthy people in Western countries to see that microwaves could not possibly have any acute toxicity. Most ‘studies’ put up by anti-microwave crusaders are small, poorly designed, or don’t actually prove what people think they do!

Don’t stress that you’re sabotaging your bodybuilding goals by drinking supplements from a plastic shaker bottle, by microwave reheating your chicken breast or by using deodorant. It just isn’t true. Cancer is incredibly poorly understood … but we can assure you, the people who make up theories that ‘just make sense’ in their head are much further from the truth than the scientists actually investigating it!

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