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Real Opinions, In-Depth Reviews: BSN Cellmass

Posted on April 3rd, 2012 by Lucy

Ronnie Coleman’s bodybuilding supplement brand, BSN, has created some real power players in the sports nutrition market. It’s gonna be hard to live up to the hype of Syntha-6 and N-Xplode – so does Cellmass make it? Today, as we usually do, we’re completely ignoring the marketing hype and taking to the ‘strands’ of the web to find out what the REAL users think of BSN Cellmass. If you want to add your real opinion to the mix, pop it in the comments section!

What Does Cellmass Do?

Cellmass is an esterised creatine and glutamine blend, aimed at prolonging your workout, allowing you to lift longer and harder, and decreasing recovery times.

Good Taste, Bad Taste?

Even the reviewers that like the taste of Cellmass don’t rave about it. There are several reviews that were also downright negative about the taste, especially regarding fruit punch flavour. There is a definite salty tinge to the taste of Cellmass, but you can get used to this. Don’t mix it with your protein shake!

In the end, you just have to remember that we drink beer and coffee for the taste and bodybuilding supplements for the effects.

Improves Recovery

This is what Cellmass is meant to do, and according to the people who’ve tested it out, it works! One reviewer mentioned that it can take 5 days for him to walk comfortably after his leg workout, whereas with Cellmass this is decreased to 2 days.

Some Size Gains

Some reviewers noted increases in size and strength. One reviewer had to go out and buy new shirts after a couple of weeks of using Cellmass … though not everybody mentioned massive size gains or a focus on muscle building. Obviously you’ll be stacking this product with a good quality protein and some amino acids.

Short Term Effects

A couple of reviewers noted that the effects of Cellmass only seemed to last while they kept taking it.

This is a tricky complaint. Obviously, you must work at your peak to get the benefits of creatine – it’s meant to help you go harder and longer. If you fail to do this, you’ve cheated yourself AND the bodybuilding supplement in a way!

However, some ingredients in BSN Cellmass can give you a fantastic muscle pump, which will be short lived. Additionally, some bodybuilders are prone to water retention while on creatine, and more so when on specific forms of creatine, so the increased muscle size could just be due to water weight.

Random Side Effects

There were no particular side effects consistently reported for Cellmass, but we did note isolated reviewers who experienced effects like:

  • Skin tingles similar to those produced by beta-alanine
  • Some gas
  • Bloating, both gastrointestinal bloating from gas and from water retention due to the creatine
  • Headache
  • Plus a positive side effect – improved sleep quality!

Pricing for Cellmass

You’ll never please everybody with your pricing. Many reviewers thought that BSN Cellmass was ‘slightly’ expensive, but this was inevitably balanced n the reviews against its awesome effectiveness.

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