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Real Opinions, In-Depth Reviews: BSN Cellmass

Posted on April 3rd, 2012

Ronnie Coleman’s bodybuilding supplement brand, BSN, has created some real power players in the sports nutrition market. It’s gonna be hard to live up to the hype of Syntha-6 and N-Xplode – so does Cellmass make it? Today, as we usually do, we’re completely ignoring the marketing hype and taking to the ‘strands’ of the web to find out what the REAL users think of BSN Cellmass. If you want to add your real opinion to the mix, pop it in the comments section!

What Does Cellmass Do?

Cellmass is an esterised creatine and glutamine blend, aimed at prolonging your workout, allowing you to lift longer and harder, and decreasing recovery times.

Good Taste, Bad Taste?

Even the reviewers that like the taste of Cellmass don’t rave about it. There are several reviews that were also downright negative about the taste, especially regarding fruit punch flavour. There is a definite salty tinge to the taste of Cellmass, but you can get used to this. Don’t mix it with your protein shake!

In the end, you just have to remember that we drink beer and coffee for the taste and bodybuilding supplements for the effects.

Improves Recovery

This is what Cellmass is meant to do, and according to the people who’ve tested it out, it works! One reviewer mentioned that it can take 5 days for him to walk comfortably after his leg workout, whereas with Cellmass this is decreased to 2 days.

Some Size Gains

Some reviewers noted increases in size and strength. One reviewer had to go out and buy new shirts after a couple of weeks of using Cellmass … though not everybody mentioned massive size gains or a focus on muscle building. Obviously you’ll be stacking this product with a good quality protein and some amino acids.

Short Term Effects

A couple of reviewers noted that the effects of Cellmass only seemed to last while they kept taking it.

This is a tricky complaint. Obviously, you must work at your peak to get the benefits of creatine – it’s meant to help you go harder and longer. If you fail to do this, you’ve cheated yourself AND the bodybuilding supplement in a way!

However, some ingredients in BSN Cellmass can give you a fantastic muscle pump, which will be short lived. Additionally, some bodybuilders are prone to water retention while on creatine, and more so when on specific forms of creatine, so the increased muscle size could just be due to water weight.

Random Side Effects

There were no particular side effects consistently reported for Cellmass, but we did note isolated reviewers who experienced effects like:

  • Skin tingles similar to those produced by beta-alanine
  • Some gas
  • Bloating, both gastrointestinal bloating from gas and from water retention due to the creatine
  • Headache
  • Plus a positive side effect – improved sleep quality!

Pricing for Cellmass

You’ll never please everybody with your pricing. Many reviewers thought that BSN Cellmass was ‘slightly’ expensive, but this was inevitably balanced n the reviews against its awesome effectiveness.

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Questions About BSN CellMass Answered

Posted on April 3rd, 2012

BSN Cellmass is one of our most popular bodybuilding supplements. It is also highly effective and carefully crafted, tested, evaluated, tweaked and re-tested … so it is not the cheapest in the store. Lots of people want to know if BSN Cellmass will fit into the puzzle of their workout/diet/bodybuilding supplement routine before they actually hit ‘Process Payment’ – and that’s fair enough! Today we go through answers to some of the most common questions we hear about BSN Cellmass, to help ensure it meets your expectations.

Bodybuilding supplements

Does Cellmass Cause Water Retention and Bloating?

BSN advertises Cellmass as a ‘no bloat’ creatine formulation. This is because the creatine is bonded to an ethyl ester compound, which helps improve passage into the actual bloodstream rather than trapping the creatine in the gut and attracting water by osmosis.

While the vast majority of athletes taking this don’t experience bloating, the human body is far too complex to pin down into ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ answers. In short, some people do experience bloating, but most don’t!

If I Work Out at Night, When Should I Take Cellmass?

The instructions on Cellmass say to dose twice per day, once post workout and once before bed.

However, if you work out at night, don’t cut down to one dose. The instructions are based on the assumption that most people work out in the morning, so just take one dose mid-morning and one post workout.

What’s Better – Gaspari SizeOn or Cellmass?

The most reliable way to tell which bodybuilding supplement is better for you is to test both of them out! The differences between them are:

  • SizeOn can be used intra-workout or post-workout, to suit you
  • SizeOn is not an esterised creatine, so can give you more bloating and gastrointestinal symptoms
  • Some reviewers say Cellmass tastes better, however there are as many reviews saying SizeOn tastes better!

When Should I Take Cellmass?

We mentioned above that this is a post-workout and pre-bedtime supplement – and you should take at least one dose IMMEDIATELY post workout for best results. Take this before your protein shake to facilitate absorption of the creatine.

Can I Take Cellmass Past Its Use-By Date?

Generally bodybuilding supplements have a ‘Best before’ date, which is a non-specific and fairly lenient date before which the contents will be at their freshest. It depends how far past the best before date your Cellmass is – one or two months shouldn’t be a problem, but in 6 months’ time there’s a chance that the creatine has degraded and is no longer effective.

Does Cellmass Really Work or Do You Just Get Water Gains?

If you train to your capacity while taking Cellmass, you will definitely get gains. However, like every bodybuilding supplement, Cellmass isn’t a magic muscle pill. It is used to facilitate longer and harder workouts, which then builds muscle. You may get some loss of water weight after you stop taking it, but this should be minimal because of the esterised formulation.

If you have any other questions about BSN Cellmass, our staff are always available to help. Send us a message via the contact form or on our Facebook page, and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours!

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3 Ways to Stack Your Muscle Pharm Shred Matrix

Posted on March 29th, 2012

Muscle Pharm Shred Matrix is among a niche selection of bodybuilding supplements sitting at the top of the fat burning podium … looking down on us mere mortals below! However, Muscle Pharm Shred Matrix is quite happy to extend a helping hand to boost us all up to its own standards of perfection, and if you enlist the help of some of the other awesome supps available, you’ll be looking down on the rest of us before you know it as well. Today we look at some of the best ways to design a bodybuilding supplement team with Muscle Pharm Shred Matrix at the centre.

Shred Matrix Stacked with Battle Fuel

If the combination of these two awesome names doesn’t intimidate you too much, give a Shred Matrix/Battle Fuel combo a try! The Shred Matrix is designed to help curb your appetite, selectively assist in fat metabolism and give you a pre-workout boost. The Battle Fuel provides the anabolic part of the equation, with testosterone boosters, estrogen inhibitors and compounds that decrease recovery time.

You’ll need a seriously healthy diet and some great protein and creatine to stack with these two bodybuilding supplements, as well.

Shred Matrix with CLA-Based Supplements

If you really need to carve off some pounds of fat, Shred Matrix stacked with CLA-based fat loss supplements will help you achieve that leanness. CLA is conjugated linoleic acid, a fatty acid supported for weight maintenance by the Australian Institute of Sports, and a meta-analysis conducted in 2007 concluded that CLA does have an effect on fat loss and lean muscle mass.

Make sure you stack your Shred Matrix and CLA with a good quality and very low-carb protein formulation as well as creatine.

Shred Matrix and Superpump Max

Superpump Max is produced by Gaspari, and is designed as a pre-workout supplement for fatigue resistance, vasodilation and energy. Superpump Max emphasises creatine, carnitine titrate (for fat loss) and caffeine.

It works synergistically with Shred Matrix, so it is best to underdose both bodybuilding supplements when starting a stack … or you might find yourself jittering all over the gym instead of owning it. Start at a half dose of each daily, and take your Shred Matrix in the morning and your Superpump Max pre-workout.

Because Shred Matrix is a fat loss supplement, if your eventual goal is muscle gain you should ensure that you give yourself some anabolic support as well, no matter what your stack. Good quality protein and creatine are essential, and BCAAs and nitric oxide are also great additives to a Shred Matrix stack. Go shred that bar!

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Real Opinions, In-Depth Reviews: Optimum Platinum Hydro Builder

Posted on March 29th, 2012

Optimum has created some of the most solid, longlasting, powerful products in the bodybuilding supplement and sports nutrition world.  And the favourable reviews aren’t just produced by overworked sales reps who’ve created far too many online profiles – the feedback that we get from real customers is overwhelmingly positive, our own experience with the products is great. However, it can be all too easy for descriptions of these products to start sounding like marketing hype! Today get real about Optimum Platinum Hydro Builder, looking at the pluses, the minuses, and the ‘would change if I could’s.

Bodybuilding supplements

Mixability and Taste

In most bodybuilding supplements, these two features go hand in hand, because texture affects taste. Optimum Platinum Hydro Builder is consistently rated very highly for both texture and taste. Some commonly heard comments about taste include:

  • The strawberry flavour becomes extra frothy, and is also extra sweet
  • The cookies and cream and turbo chocolate flavours are utterly delicious
  • Vanilla tastes a little ordinary when mixed with water

If you have been taking hydrolysed protein for so long now that you could pick that ‘hydrolysed’ taste from a kilometre away, many reviewers have mentioned that this bodybuilding supplement manages to mask or negate that hydrolysed taste very effectively.

Our favourite comment: “If God and Giada de Laurentiis made a protein then this would be it”. Ha!

Awesome Profile

The ingredient profile for Platinum Hydro Builder is pretty hard to beat, and some reviewers even say it’s better than 100% Whey. Per serve you’ll get:

  • 30g protein
  • 1g fat
  • 2g carbs
  • 0g simple carbs

The (almost) zero fat and carb formulation means that many reviewers were happy with how easy Hydro Builder is to add into an existing diet plan.

The protein in Hydro Builder is designed for staged release, with a blend of egg albumin, Micellar casein, whey protein. It also includes creatine and BCAAs. A couple of reviewers mentioned that it isn’t suitable for a range of people with food allergies or sensitivities, as it contains egg, milk and soy ingredients … which is unfortunate, but perhaps necessary to build an (ahem) optimum product for a wider audience.

Recovery and Soreness

Lots of reviewers mentioned the real effects they notice when switching to Hydro Builder from a different protein – minimal soreness after intense workouts, great recovery, and noticeable gains.



We’ve started to sound like a broken record when it comes to this area of bodybuilding supplement reviewing, we know! There are plenty of reviewers who love the product, but hate the price. Obviously for better quality products, one pays a bit more. Some reviewers feel that Platinum Hydro Builder isn’t worth the extra expense, some do. It’s a personal decision.

Other reviewers also mentioned that they wished Hydro Builder came in a larger range of sizes.  At Nutrition Warehouse we stock only the 2kg size, the largest tub which actually helps keep the per-serve cost very reasonable. At around 40 serves per $100 tub, this top quality protein will cost you around $2.50 a day.

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15 Foods You Can Mix With Protein Powder

Posted on February 24th, 2012

We take protein powder because our bodies need it for muscle anabolism … not because of its delicious taste! However, much like wine or beer, if you mix your protein powders with other naturally yummy foods, you can begin to acquire a taste for the stuff. Eventually, those pure protein shakes will be going down like the global economy (!), if you start experimenting with this list. Here are 15 foods that can be safely (and tastily) mixed with protein powder.

Bodybuilding supplements

  1. Cream
    Only if you’re bulking! Cream makes fat-soluble ingredients in protein shakes far creamier and more delicious.
  2. Fruit
    There are no standard supermarket-bought fruits which can’t be mixed with protein powder. Yes, fruits can be acidic, but they if they break down the protein at all it will only be into amino acids … which your body would have done anyway!
  3. Peanut Butter
    Another great one for those on a bulking cycle, peanut butter has plenty of good fats in it, and the taste blends beautifully with chocolate flavoured protein powder.
  4. Oats and Oatmeal
    Great for a post-workout carbs boost, oats and oatmeal are complex, slowly broken down carbs that won’t spike your insulin.
  5. Cottage Cheese
    This goes down easiest in combination with fruit as well as protein powder. Go slow on the cottage cheese to begin with, or you’ll risk retching up your bodybuilding supplement!
  6. Yoghurt and Frozen Yoghurt
    Great companions to protein powder at morning tea or afternoon snack time, and especially in hot weather. Try both high-fat and low-fat varieties – if your protein powder doesn’t dissolve well in one, try the other.
  7. Cheesecake
    Blend protein powder with the biscuit base in cheesecake if you’re feeling a bit gourmet – you won’t notice the graininess in the biscuits.
  8. Pancake Mix
    If you haven’t tried protein pancakes, you’re missing out. These are generally very tasty, and a great intro to protein powder as a substitute for flour.
  9. Brownies/Biscuits/Slices
    Protein powder can be substituted for half the amount of flour in most recipes for these types of treats. Just watch that you aren’t getting too much sugar in your OVERALL daily diet … don’t let the protein fool you into thinking that brownies are a health food!
  10. Pasta Sauce
    Protein can be mixed in with your pasta sauce – it gives it a texture sort of like adding Parmesan cheese!
  11. Mashed Potatoes
    If you mix the protein well with either milk or water before you mix it into the mashed potatoes, it will be even less grainy.
  12. Pudding
    Mmm, pudding! Protein supplements go down very easy in chocolate pudding or sticky date pudding.
  13. Pulpy Orange Juice
    If you’re dedicated to pulpy orange juice, you can try mixing your protein bodybuilding supplement in with it. It will partially dissolve, and the pulp will hide any residual graininess.
  14. Muesli bars
    Grab some prepackaged muesli, and homemade muesli bars with added protein supplement are quick and simple to make. We’ve featured some recipes on the blog before.
  15. Breakfast Cereal
    If your diet can handle the carbs of breakfast cereal, add some protein powder to it to round it off a little more completely!

Protein bodybuilding supplements are actually extremely versatile … get your chef’s hat on and enjoy the results!

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Balding Bodybuilders: What Can Be Done?

Posted on February 21st, 2012

It can be incredibly frustrating. You train and train and train, and eat right, and take the right bodybuilding supplements, and tan up to highlight all that work you’ve done … but your hair (or lack of it) is letting your look down! A receding hairline will happen to at least half of males and it is always distressing – but it can be especially so for very aesthetically focused bodybuilders. Today we sort the real hair-loss treatments from the marketing hype and the pure and simple bollocks, to find out what balding bodybuilders can do to preserve or regain their crowning glory.

bodybuilding supplements

Regaine or Rogaine

This is a topical treatment and is often the first line of defence for balding bodybuilders. It is applied directly to the scalp, and while the mode of action is not completely clear, it is thought that it improves peripheral blood circulation, thereby keeping the hair follicles healthy.

In a Choice review, about 25% of the people who used Regaine for hair loss were very satisfied or completely satisfied (4 stars or 5 stars) with its effectiveness. If your hair is thinning, this could be a good first option.


The name of the active compound in Propecia is finasteride, and it is one of the most effective hair loss treatments currently available. It inhibits the conversion of testosterone to DHT (dihydrotestosterone). DHT is an androgen, but not the main form of testosterone that helps you with anabolism. It is currently able to arrest hair loss in around 90% of men, and around 65% actually see regrowth.

In theory, you shouldn’t have negative effects in your bodybuilding program from taking finasteride – but as we know, every body reacts differently. Some bodybuilder report gains while on the drug, others report lack of energy, low sex drive, no gains in the gym … a general feeling that life is not good. Be aware of this possibility when you begin taking it, and be prepared to make a choice between finasteride and big muscles if necessary.

You can also try taking testosterone booster bodybuilding supplements in addition to your finasteride. Check with your doctor once you’ve decided on a specific supplement though.


This is a ‘stronger’ form of finasteride, blocking both the enzymes which make DHT. If you aren’t seeing negative bodybuilding effects from finasteride, but are still seeing hair loss, ask about this option.

Saw Palmetto

Although both saw palmetto and finasteride can treat enlarged prostate, and finasteride can also arrest hair loss, saw palmetto has not been proven as a balding treatment. Don’t bother with it.

Hair Replacement Surgery

Nowadays results are a very far cry from the horror hair plugs of the 1980s! Hair replacement can now be done follicle by follicle, and it is the most effective hair loss treatment that doesn’t interfere with either your natural hormone levels or your bodybuilding supplement regime. It is usually the most costly, but in Choice’s survey, over half of the recipients of the surgery were completely satisfied or very satisfied with the results.

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Bodybuilding With Bipolar Disorder

Posted on February 15th, 2012

Like most mental illnesses, bipolar disorder is particularly hard to live with. A shoulder injury, you can adjust your training routine and do some physio. A testosterone imbalance, you can take either prescription medication or bodybuilding supplements. But a mental disorder strikes right at the heart of what makes us into ourselves! Add the fairly extreme medication regime to a serious identity crisis and some major disruptions to personal relationships, and your diagnosis can understandably feel like a massive roadblock. Today we check out some guidelines for bodybuilders with bipolar disorder – there are plenty of ways for you to achieve your goals.

Bodybuilding supplements

Please note that all advice in this article assumes that you have a confirmed diagnosis. Don’t self-diagnose – it can be dangerous!

Bipolar Medication Effects for Bodybuilders

There are several types of medications used to treat bipolar disorder. Your doctor will likely start you on at least one, and may add others depending on your reaction to them. Each of them will affect your metabolism and bodybuilding supplement routine in a different way:


This and other medications based on lithium can cause low thyroid function. You might find that you put on weight easily, don’t have the energy for workouts, etc.

Valproic acid:

This bipolar medication can boost testosterone levels; especially noticeable in females. Apart from the anabolism, females taking valproic acid risk polycystic ovarian syndrome.


These medications include olanzapine, aripiprazole, quetiapina and risperidone. Their major side effect is lack of energy, but you might also get a rapid heartbeat, dizziness when you change positions and some blurred vision.


Antidepressants act in very different ways and have very different side effects. Yours might cause sexual function problems, nausea or agitation.

Bodybuilding Supplements for Bipolar Sufferers

It is essential that you stop taking all your bodybuilding supplements while your medication regime is being refined.

Once you have been taking the same medicines with positive effects for 3 months, you can begin your bodybuilding supplements again. Here are some guidelines for setting up your stack again:

  • Given that many bipolar medications cause drowsiness and lack of energy, you might want to add a pre-workout supplement to your stack
  • Go light on weight-gaining bodybuilding supplements if you’re on lithium, or any medicine which causes low thyroid function
  • You might get nausea with some pre-workout supplements especially. Try switching to a different brand if this occurs.
  • If valproic acid is part of your medication regime, check with your doctor before taking testosterone boosting bodybuilding supplements.

Bodybuilding Training Guidelines for Bipolar Sufferers

You’ll also need to take some extra care in the gym and modify your routine a little. Because of the side effects of your medications, you should try to:

  • Use machines rather than free weights, because of the potential for injury if you get blurred vision or dizziness with motion.
  • If cardio is part of your routine, keep it light. Add heavy cardio to a medication which causes a rapid heartbeat and you may well have a heart attack.

Try to stick to a routine for your training – this will help with managing sleep disturbances which both bipolar and the medications to treat it can cause.

Be Prepared for Intolerance

Bodybuilding can be one huge boys club, and sadly some of the typical reactions to hearing that you have bipolar disorder will include:

  • It’s all in your head, you just need to get over it
  • Start doing things that make you happy and you’ll be happy
  • Your diagnosis is made-up because the pharmaceutical companies want to make money out of you
  • You’re actually just missing some vitamins and minerals
  • You’re a wuss for even thinking about being depressed

Obviously, every single point you read above is untrue, misinformed or conspiracy-theorist. If you haven’t told anybody about your diagnosis yet, be very selective about whom you tell. People have no innate right to know unless you want them to, especially if they ain’t gonna try to walk a mile in your shoes.

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Bitter Pill: 10 Tips to Make Bodybuilding Supplement Pills Go Down Easy

Posted on February 13th, 2012

Every bodybuilder has a preference for either pills or potions. Some people would rather get their supplement taking all over in one hit … and others would very much like to, but they just can’t get the pill past an overactive gag reflex! Still others just miss out on some awesome bodybuilding supplements because they only come in pill form. If this is you, try our ten easy tips to make supplement pills a lot easier to swallow.

Bodybuilding supplements

  1. Swill First
    Try taking a big swill of water BEFORE you put the pill in your mouth. Hold a little water, begin to swallow it then chase it down with another big dose of water.
  2. The Chin Tuck
    Many people throw their head back when swallowing pills. If this doesn’t seem to help, try doing a chin tuck as you swallow instead, to open your oesophagus and close the upper portion of the trachea.
  3. Sneak It In
    If you place the pill right at the back of your tongue to begin with, it has far less distance to travel to get to the holy grail, your oesophagus. Put your pill right at the back of your tongue and take a BIG gulp of water.  
  4. Squeeze Bottles
    If you use a squeeze bottle with this method, you can also get a bit of extra oomph to force the bodybuilding supplement pill down.  
  5. Use a Banana
    Take a couple of bites of banana, then put your pill into a broken-off piece of the fruit. As you’re about to swallow your normal bites, put the bananafied pill near the back of your mouth and let it go down the hatch.
  6. Practice with Lollies
    If you have an aversion to the taste of powdery medicine which prevents you swallowing, prime your body for swallowing by practicing with M&Ms or Skittles.
  7. Use a Straw
    The process of drinking through a straw can distract you sufficiently that the pill slides down without a worry. This won’t work for bigger bodybuilding supplement pills, though.
  8. The Gargle Method
    Begin by gargling a mouthful of water. When you’re about to swallow, pop your pill into your mouth. This method IS useful for larger pills.
  9. The Slop Method
    If the banana method didn’t work, you might have success with yoghurt, applesauce, jelly, pudding, etc.
  10. Coat with Butter
    Coating your pills with butter or margarine won’t alter their digestion time substantially, but it can make uncoated pills and those with sharp little edges easier to take.
  11. Have Your Tonsils Investigated
    Are your tonsils chronically enlarged? When you depress your tongue and look at the back of your throat in the mirror, does the tissue either side come close to meeting in the middle? Your tonsils are one place you don’t want hypertrophy – if this is the issue that is stopping you swallowing bodybuilding supplement pills, see your doc.

Ask Before Crushing Your Pills
Not only do crushed pills taste even more foul, setting up an aversion reaction, they may completely dissolve before they get to the part of your intestine they need to reach in order to be absorbed properly. Some bodybuilding supplement pills can be crushed or halved, but some cannot.

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Are Bodybuilding Supplements Giving You Bad Breath?

Posted on February 9th, 2012

Generally bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts are pretty tuned into their bodies, and monitor what goes in and out very carefully. We’ve talked to quite a few people who believe that their bodybuilding supplements are giving them bad breath, and while this can happen, the cause of bad breath most commonly lies with some other physical factor. Today we check out some supplements that are known for affecting your breath, and some other factors which can give you a case of stinkface.

Common Bodybuilding Supplements That Affect Your Breath

The most common bodybuilding supplements which interact with some people’s particular chemistry to produce bad breath are:

  • Protein shakes, especially whey protein
  • Stimulants like 1,3 dimethylamylamine, ephedrine and caffeine

It can take some time for your body to ‘learn’ to break down whey and some other proteins, and if you have just started taking these bodybuilding supplements they might be inefficiently digested and causing bad breath (and probably some killer flatulence too). Additionally, if you take milk with whey, it can ‘turn’ the milk and give you bad breath.

Stimulants such as 1,3 DMAA, ephedrine and caffeine can cause bad breath through inducing a dry mouth. Just make sure you drink plenty of water, chew gum  and keep your mouth closed while working out to prevent dryness!

However, if you have been taking the same bodybuilding supplements for some time and not had any breath problems previously, it is unlikely that a new case of bad breath is due to your supplements. It could be any of the common factors below!

Ketogenic Diets

If you’re currently restricting carbs and eating lots of protein, and especially if you’ve got some body fat to get rid of, your bad breath might be due to ketoacidosis.

When your body breaks down fat for fuel instead of glucose (because you aren’t supplying any carbs through your diet), ketone bodies are one of the side effects. They are chemically similar to paint thinners and nail polish remover, and can make your breath smell like either of the above.

While keto breath isn’t supposed to smell ‘bad’ but rather ‘sweet’, the unfamiliarity of the smell often makes people paranoid about their breath. There’s no fix for it but to chew mints, wear perfume and clos your mouth when leaning close to people.

Dental Hygiene

If you have untreated cavities in your mouth or have developed gum disease, horror-movie breath will be one of the first signs. To stop yourself developing cavities or gum disease, follow the golden rules:

  • Brush twice a day
  • Chew sugarless gum between meals
  • Floss once a day before bed
  • Scrape the back of your tongue to remove sulphur-producing bacteria  (if you’re prone to bad breath)
  • Gargle with mouthwash (if you’re prone to bad breath).

Other Causes

If you have problems with any of the following conditions, they can all affect your breath:

  • Chronic sinusitis – the smell comes from the nasal discharge
  • Acid reflux
  • Kidney problems

If you’ve ruled out bodybuilding supplements, dental hygiene and a ketogenic diet as the cause of your bad breath, go see your doctor or dentist.


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10 Quick Tips for Bodybuilders on a Budget

Posted on January 27th, 2012

Bodybuilding is not exactly a cheap sport! When compared to other pastimes, GFH isn’t quite as expensive as skiing, motocross or Faberge egg and spoon races. Still, all that protein powder, steak, gym memberships, pre-workouts and tanning products can start to make a hole in your budget. However, there’s no need to give up what you love for the sake of saving cash. Today we check out 10 very handy tips for bodybuilders on a budget; strategies which even the financially comfortable among us can use to reduce the impact on the wallet.

Bodybuilding supplements

  1. Buy bodybuilding supplements online
    Online stores don’t have the overheads that physical stores do, enabling an entirely new pricing dynamic. Good bodybuilding supplements suppliers will offer just as much advice to their online customers as customers in physical stores can access. So there’s no reason to pay higher prices if you’re on a budget – re-order online.
  2. Buy your own equipment
    Dumbbells cost a few dollars. Swiss balls are usually around $20. You can often pick up second hand weights equipment from unmotivated home exercisers for less than half its new price. If you only use a limited amount of the gym equipment, it may be cheaper to purchase your own.
  3. Use bodyweight exercises
    For the vast majority of beginner and intermediate bodybuilders, there is a lot of value in bodyweight exercises.
  4. Bulk food
    Steak might be $32 a kilo when you buy two at a time, but when you got to a butcher and buy half the cow, it is a lot more cost effective!
  5. Grow your own food!
    Got a bit of space in your backyard? Put in a chicken coop and you’ve instantly got free, fresh eggs. Put in a vege patch and you’ll be able to feed the chooks and yourself, for nothing but the price of water.
  6. Bulk bodybuilding supplements
    Same goes for bodybuilding supplements – you’ll enjoy a significant per-serve saving when you buy 2kg of protein powder compared to 1kg.
  7. Drink water
    It’s the only liquid your body really needs … apart from protein shakes! It’s free, it has no carbohydrates or fat, and if you’re on a cutting cycle it will help suppress hunger pangs, for free.
  8. Take a longer gym membership
    Saving money often requires taking a longer-term view of your finances, and the same is true in bodybuilding! You’ve probably noticed that it doesn’t cost too much more for a yearly gym membership than for a 6-monthly pass … take the longer option and bodybuilding will be cheaper in the long run.
  9. Invest in your safety and health
    Yes, you’re doing it already, simply by bodybuilding! However, you should make sure that bodybuilding itself isn’t the cause of unexpected financial blowouts, by investing in the safety equipment such as grips, correct shoes, etc,  paying attention to form and technique and not overtraining. Then you won’t need to pay medical costs or take time off work.
  10. Choose your gym wisely
    The biggest difference in your bodybuilding results comes not from the gym you pay a membership to, but the effort you put in while within its walls. Forget the ‘showoff’ factor of certain gyms, and don’t choose a gym just because it’s where all the hot girls go … pick your gym according to low membership fees.

Done all that? Still looking to save some cash? Look into earning a living from bodybuilding by becoming a personal trainer, entering competitions, etc.

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