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Ripped Factors by Horleys Advanced Fat Loss Protein for Serious Results

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This advanced fat-loss protein from Horleys is ideal for anyone looking to gain muscle and lose fat but finding it difficult. This product has been created to facilitate those desired goals. It consists of pure whey protein isolate (WPI), it's very low in carbs and turbo-charged with substances of high lipolytic capability. The result is a product that contributes to burning fat whilst maintaining and fortifying muscle mass.

What's going on inside Ripped Factors

Whey Protein Isolate (WPI) that's 100 percent microfiltered ensuring maximum purity. Whey proteins are used for the production of muscle mass and have great anabolic potential.

Lipolytic compounds like caffeine, L-carnitine, HCA and chromium stimulating mobilization of fats deposited, transport of fatty acids into the cell and increasing oxidation of these compounds.

15 vitamins and minerals plus the addition of glutamine, tyrosine, dimethylglycine and Bioperine. These substances are essential components of oxidative reactions and amino acids that act by stimulating muscle protein synthesis.

Very low content of sugars and fat, which favours fat oxidation since when carbohydrates or fats predominate, oxidation of these nutrients decreases.


Some key benefits

  • Microfiltered WPI to provide anabolic support during dieting for retention of hard earned muscle tissue
  • The "C4 metabolic complex" which helps with fat metabolism via four differing pathways
  • 15 additional vitamins and minerals plus L-glutamine, dimethylglycine, L-tyrosine and bioperine
  • Ultra low sugar and ultra low fat
  • Mixes instantly

Ripped Factors is ideal for those who follow a workout routine and want to accelerate fat loss and muscle definition. Those who are seeking to lose weight can also supplement their low-calorie diets with Ripped Factors because it contains lipolytic substances that promote fat oxidation with no adverse effects. Anyone wanting an advanced protein crammed with fat-loss factors to assist with a weight management program

Ripped Factors can be used as snack or meal replacement because it is low in fat and has high nutritional quality because of the nature of its proteins and its high mineral and vitamin content.
Men and women engaging in regular resistance training wanting to maximise fat loss and reveal muscle definition.

This product is available from Nutrition Warehouse in 700g, 1.2kg and 3kg size options in Choc, Vanilla and Espresso Chill flavours. 


Ripped Factors is recommended to be consumed no more than three times per day. The scheduling of the intake should be adequate for the athlete's workout. It is highly recommended that you have a serving Ripped Factors with water one hour before exercise in order to provide anabolic substrate for muscle during training. The second portion should be dissolved in water and consumed an hour after the workout to help muscle recovery and the third portion may be diluted in water and had as a snack in the afternoon or in the morning.

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