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A. MEGASLIM is unlike any other fat burner on the Australian market and the reason is simple, MEGASLIM contains 2500mg of green tea per 5 mls in liquid form for quick acting effects. MEGASLIM does not have any added caffeine which alone makes it stand out as a premium fat burner for two main reasons.

Most thermogenics that have caffeine in them act as a diuretic which means that by taking a thermogenic (fat burner) with added caffeine your body will get rid of lots of nutrients which may leave you nutrient deficient and eventually sick.

Also, alot of these products have a dosage accumulative requirement which means that you have to take more tablets and/or more fluid even as the body adapts. This not only leaves your purse/wallet empty but also means that you have to remember to take the product numerous times a day and because your body adapts to the product this means that you may not be gaining any results after a short amount of time.

MEGASLIM only has to be taken once just prior to working out. The body does not adapt to MEGASLIM quickly and people who have been through an entire 500ml. bottle (which last for over 3 months) of MEGASLIM report the energy and fat burning results to still exist.

Q. I've tried Megaslim and the results are great but it tastes awful, is there anyway I can get it to taste better?

A. Unfortunately green tea in these amounts does have a strong after taste. There are a couple of things you can do to make the taste less of a focus point. Firstly be assured, the results will be remembered long after the taste is forgotten. Taste is 60-70% smell which means if you pinch your nose whilst taking your 5 mls. dose the taste will not be as strong.

Having a sip of water immediately after taking the MEGASLIM will make the after taste dissipate quickly, and finally you could purchase a dropper from the chemist and drop the MEGASLIM straight down your throat which means you most likely will not taste it at all and you can also be assured that with a measuring dropper or syringe you will get the exact dose required which takes the guessing game out of the equation (for your convenience the cap on the 500ml. Megaslim bottle holds 5ml. of Megaslim and therefore may be utilized as a measuring device).

Q. Don't some other fat burners have green tea in them and couldn't I get the same results by just drinking green tea?

A. There are a couple of other products on the market that have green tea in them however not in liquid form (liquid form is far quicker acting), not with 2500mg of green tea concentrate per 5ml and not combined with white willow bark and citrus aurantium. White willow bark is a very mild almost herbal form of aspirin which is in MEGASLIM to ensure that blood is circulated around the body efficiently.

There is also 6000mg of citrus aurantium per 5mls of Megaslim. Citrus aurantium is the herbal form of ephedrine. Though citrus aurantium does not have side effects like ephedrine it does assist with fat burning particularly in this amount and in this combination.

Q. Can Megaslim work if I don't train?

A. Yes it can. If you wanted to try MEGASLIM and are unable to train, it should be taken twice a day. Recommended dosage here is 5mls. in the morning with breakfast and a 5ml. top up at 1-2pm.


DO NOT TAKE MEGASLIM ON AN EMPTY STOMACH. The concentrate of green tea in MEGASLIM is strong and must be taken with a small amount of food especially if taken in the morning. MEGASLIM is recommended for use by both genders and if you want extra energy and a thermogenic effect you should take it just prior to working out.

Whilst it is most effective when taken prior to cardio-vascular activity it has also been reported to work for individuals who want to take it only before resistance training (weight training). Please read label carefully and if unsure as to how you will be affected by Megaslim it is advised that you start off with a 2ml dose building up to a 5ml dose.

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