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Hydroxy Burn Pro Clinical by Body Science BSc

BSC Hydroxyburn Burn Pro Clinical| Body Science | Ripped Protein Powder

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Body Science BSc Hydroxy Burn Pro Clinical Product Information

  • Body Science BSc Hydroxy Burn Pro Clinical
  • Fat Burning Protein combining 2 Clinically Proven Weight loss Ingredients
  • Along with  a 10 Phase Lean & Ripped Formula
  • Combines Carb Blockers & Fat Metabolising Ingredients
  • Contains Solathin proven to reduce appetite
  • Supports metabolism & distribution of stored fats
  • Diuretic ingredients to help shed excess water
  • High quality protein sources / Low Carbohydrate

Body Science BSc Hydroxy Burn Pro Clinical 10 Phase Lean & Ripped Formula  - EAT LESS, WEIGHT LOSS RESULTS!

Body Science BSc HydroxyBurn Pro Clinical - 10 Phase Lean and Ripped Formula

HydroxyBurn Pro Clinical is world first in fat burning Protein combining 2 clinically proven Weight Loss ingredients along with the ultimate 10 phase Lean and Ripped Formula ensuring real results! This synergistic blend of high quality Protein Powders, Carb Blockers, Fat Metabolising Nutrients and Vitamins and Minerals including a specially developed source of glutamine peptides.

10 Phases to a Lean and Ripped Physique
Weight loss is not a linear equation with many physiological aspects playing a part in achieving your weight loss goals. Body Science BSc Hydroxy Burn Pro Clinical utilises a unique 10 phase lean and ripped system to ensure each and every aspect of your weight loss goal is covered promoting fast results.

Body Science is a product that brings together the best ingredients backed by scientific evidence to cause effective loss of weight and fat mass. Created with ingredients that promote fat burning, proteins of the highest quality that maintain muscle tone and prevent the loss of lean mass, carbohydrates blockers, glutamine, micronutrients involved increasing metabolic efficiency and energy production.

This combination of ingredients is unique and has proven effective in numerous clinical studies in which were compared the effects of Body Science and diet versus diet alone.

10 steps to a healthy and lean body: the exclusive ingredients of Body Science favour changing of body composition thereby, reducing fat and increasing muscle mass. Because the weight reduction is not equal at all stages, Body Science can help achieve weight goals without causing stagnation of energy metabolism characteristic of diet regimens that lead to weight regain in the long term.

Phase 1: This stage is characterized by the mobilization of fats deposited for use as an energy source. Body Science contains key ingredients and fat burners to facilitate the mobilization of fatty acids into the cells to be oxidized.

Phase 2: Body Science contains ingredients involved in the transport and utilization of nutrients enhancing tissue sensitivity to insulin and consequently, improving the metabolism of glucose, the main energy source.

Phase 3 and 4: Body Science not only promotes weight loss, but also provides the nutrients needed to achieve satiety and avoid peak hunger between meals. Body Science helps regulate appetite and is very effective to eliminate cravings for sweets as it balances the metabolic response to ingestion.

Phase 5: Body Science helps regulate neurotransmitters responsible for providing wellbeing and calm. This is vital since most diets cause irritability, anxiety, moodiness and even can exacerbate depression. For this reason, Body Science is ideal for improving brain function when following a low calorie diet.

Phase 6: Body Science contains natural ingredients that help regulate the amount of water in the various body compartments (within cells, outside the cells and inside the blood vessels). In this manner, is very effective to prevent fluid retention that often characterize the aesthetic overweight and people who perform intense trainings.

Step 7: Body Science also contains herbs that promote digestion preventing intestinal irritation, gas production and bloating.

Phase 8: Body Science provides the necessary amount of natural antioxidants that help fight oxidative stress that is generated as a result of burning fat. Excess free radicals damage cells and promote aging. For this reason, Body Science is ideal to be consumed as part of the weight loss program.

Step 9: Body Science contains solathin, a compound that has proven effective in reducing appetite and cravings for sweets or refined carbohydrates.

Step 10: Body Science generates a catabolic effect on fat and glucose but anabolic on protein promoting muscle toning and strengthening. This is key for maintaining a high metabolic rate.

Body Science is prepared very simply: 2 scoops 45g of powder is dissolved in (250 ml to 300ml) of water. Recommendation: 1 or 2 servings per day.

Body Science is ideal for increasing muscle mass, eliminate retained fluids, fat burning, body shaping, muscle recover after sports training, control appetite, improvement of glucose metabolism and insulin sensitivity. As a result, it can be used not only in programs to lose weight or burn fat, but also as part of planning for sports training.

 Body Science BSc Hydroxy Burn Pro Clinical may be used to:

Get a lean & shredded physiquie; Support weight loss & fat-burning; Appetite suppression to help you eat less; Support the mobilisation & utilsation of fats; Assist muscle recovery & repair.

Body Science BSc Hydroxy Burn Pro Clinical is great for:

Bodybuilders; Weight & resistance trainers; AFL Players; Rugby players; Competition dieters; Individuals on weight loss or weight management programs; Any athlete, sports person or individual wishing to get a leaner, toned physique.

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Author: Stuart Mautama (
This is an awesome product..1 week and it has given me so much energy and strength,can really feel the difference.Will definitely order more.

1. I currently would like to loose 4kg but i am not an avid fan of exccercsing, i excercise 1-2 times a week for half an hour. Will hydroxyburn pro fat burner protein be effective for me? in comparison to a thermogen.i would like to know which would be more
2. Hi, I am female and run 3-4 times a week and do the odd bit of weights. I would like a shake/meal replacement that is good for fat loss and endurance during the training sessions. I really want to build on my distance and speed with the running. I have pr

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