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Black Bombs by Dorian Yates

Black Bomb by Dorian Yates

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Black Bomb by Dorian Yates

Black Bombs by Dorian Yates

In the 1960s, it was found that combining certain amphetamines could result in euphoria, heightened awareness of the surroundings, reduced appetite, significant increase metabolism, hyperactivity and enhanced interest in doing repetitive activities. As a result, this cocktail became a favourite of partygoers. Just taking a single pill was more than sufficient to experience the high. This cocktail drug had the street name Black Bomb and it is this name that has been given to this exclusive fast-acting fat burner. 

This nutrition supplement is meant for competitive bodybuilders, who are looking to burn fat quickly without suffering loss of their muscle mass. This supplement is just what you are looking for, particularly if your current fat burner has stopped showing results. It works quickly and effectively. In addition, you will notice surplus energy and stamina to get you through those additional reps to build lean muscle mass. 

Ingredients in Black Bombs by Dorian Yates

The unique blend of ingredients is what makes Black Bombs by Dorian Yates so unique and effective. 

Taurine: This amino acid helps to facilitate muscle contraction during workouts. And works as a brain booster. 

Yerba Mate Extract: It works as a stimulant and also has antioxidant properties that help to get rid of free radicals and aid muscle recovery and repair. 

Acacia Rigidula Extract: This extract is responsible for flooding your body with surplus energy. 

Citrus Aurantium Extract: This is the legal equivalent of ephedrine. It is a safe stimulant of the central nervous system. 

Green Tea Extract: This extract is a fat burner and facilitates weight loss. 

Cocoa Extract: It works as a stimulant and has potent antioxidant properties. 

Cassia Nomame Extract: This is a lipase inhibitor and helps to stop fat metabolism.

5-Methoxytryptamine HCl: This compound is closely associated with melatonin and serotonin. It helps to make you feel good. 

Narigin: It is a compound extracted from grapefruit and has antioxidant properties. It also helps to decrease the amount of lipids in the blood.

If you are looking for a supplement that actually works fast to burn fat and helps you retain your muscle mass, you should not hesitate to take Black Bombs by Dorian Yates. It not only reduces body fat quickly and effectively, it gives you unimaginable strength and energy due to presence of unique stimulants. 

This supplement is meant primarily for competition level bodybuilders and should only be used by those who are can withstand high doses of energy without feeling fatigued and tired. This fast fat burner can jack up your performance significantly. 

It is a supplement that spurs your metabolism rate, so that your body burns maximum amount of fat. It also helps to reduce cravings and appetite. 



• Increased Thermogenesis: A multi-study review concluded that ingredients in BLACK BOMBS significantly increase thermogenesis (excess calorie burning due to heat production).1
• Increased Fat Burning: A key ingredient in BLACK BOMBS is shown to increase fat oxidation (the burning of fat) by over 15 percent in a meta-analysis of several scientific studies.1
• Decreased Abdominal Fat: A key constituent in BLACK BOMBS decreased abdominal fat over 2500 percent greater than placebo (?7.7 percent versus ?0.3 percent) versus caffeine alone and substantially reduced serum triglycerides.2
• Increased Exercise Performance: Key ingredients in BLACK BOMBS significantly increase multiple measures of exercise performance.3
• Rapid Release Technology: BLACK BOMBS is designed with rapid release technology so that it begins breaking down almost immediately upon ingestion ? so it starts working fast!
• Reduced Appetite: Ingredients in BLACK BOMBS have been shown to not only stimulate the body’s appetite-suppressing hormones but also decrease food intake.4
• Decreased Body Fat and Body Weight: A key ingredient in BLACK BOMBS has been shown to decrease body fat and help subjects lose inches from their waists.

How do I take BLACK BOMBS?
Mix 1 scoop (5g) with cold water and shaker well. Drink before exercise or 30-60 minutes before breakfast.  Comsume no more than: 1 serve per day. Contains Caffeine.

Can BLACK BOMBS be used with other stimulants?
Absolutely not! BLACK BOMBS is designed to be the strongest natural, thermo genic, stimulant fat-burner product ever offered to the public. Do not take it with any other stimulants, including caffeine (e.g., coffee, tea and soda), geranium or related substances, synephrine or other products containing phenylephrine, ephedrine, pseudoephedrine, or similar ingredients.

How long should it take to see results?
The success of any diet/exercise/supplement regimen depends on several factors, including initial level of body fat, diet, duration and intensity of training, and your individual genetics. Obviously, for maximum results, combine BLACK BOMBS with heavy, intense, and regular workouts.

Do I have to work out a lot to see results?
Yes! If you don’t train hard, BLACK BOMBS isn’t for you in the first place! This product has been scientifically formulated exclusively for dedicated bodybuilders and other serious athletes who don’t want to take chances with their fat-loss efforts. The Dorian Yates research team spent countless hours creating a synergistic formula that combines perfectly with the efforts and dedication of hardcore bodybuilders to produce exceptional results. So again, if you aren’t fully dedicated to achieving outstanding results, BLACK BOMBS probably isn’t for you!

Can I take more than what is recommended on the label?
No, with BLACK BOMBS, more isn’t better. Do not exceed 1 serve per day and because of the extreme potency of this product.  Remember, this isn’t some mainstream fat burner with a couple of hundred milligrams of caffeine and a dusting of a few exotic sounding herbs. This is a hardcore, competition-level fat burner designed to work on bodybuilders weighing up to and over 300 pounds! So be careful to strictly follow the instructions on the label and don’t exceed the recommended dose!



 Black Bomb Directions:
Mix 1 scoop (5g) with cold water and shaker well. Drink before exercise or 30-60 minutes before breakfast.    Comsume no more than: 1 serve per day. Contains Caffeine.

BLACK BOMBS Nutrition Information:

 Servings Per Jar:  60
 Serving Size:  5g (1 scoop) mixed with 940 ml water
 Averate Quantity  Per Serve   Per 100ml
 Energy  0  kj  0   kj 
   0  cal  0  cal 
 Protein   0   g  0  g
 Fat, Total  0  g  0  g
    - Saturated  0  g  0  g
 Carbohydrate  0  g  0  g
    - sugars  0  g  0  g
 Dietary Fibre  0  g  0  g
 Sodium  0  mg  0  mg
 Composition Information
 Caffeine  300   mg   31.9   mg 
 Taurine   1.3   g   138.3   mg 

 Ingredients BLACK BOMBS PROPRIETARY BLEND: Taurine, Yerba MAte Extract, Acacia Rigdula Extract, Green Tea Extract, Citrus Aurantium Extract, Cocoa Extract, Cassia Nomane Extract, 5-Methoxytryptamine HCL, Naringen, Grapefruit Extract, Mineral Salt (516), Preservative (330), Flavours, Natural Colour (162), Sweetners (955, 950), Anticaking Agent (551).


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Customer Reviews

Author: robert rachow (
This stuff is is insane it takes about 10mins to kick in the first time i used it and it was the best session i have had it has Reduced my Appetite i dont feel so hungry all the time and i just feel overall stronger and energy is through the roof i take it before breakfast and i work out about 3pm and the energy is still through the roof during and after my work out. i do not recommend this product for someone using fat burners for the first time just because how strong this stuff is

Author: Chris
WOW! This stuff really works. As the other review said, takes about 10mins to kick in and lasts all day. Do take it as early as possible if you want to sleep at night. I have it at 6am and am still pumped at 7pm. Did reduce cravings and helped really pump out those last few sets. Be aware that you may make a few more visits to the toilet through the day and, DO NOT take any other stimulants while taking this.

Author: Dennis
hey the first time i had this was in November 2013. recomanded by Castle Hill store

i staked it with ALRC so i could allow fat cells to be converted for energy while the Black Doms speed up my metabolism so the energy can be used .

weight loss affect from black bombs was the best i have used so far. lossing about 8 kgs of fat in 2.5 mths. with it i had hydro whey (ON)

thermo effect was seen at the gym, hot body temps and sweating like a water fall. :)

Just remember to cycle this product. i would say every two weeks on and off. otherwise you will get used to the effect.

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